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It is no secret that those using airbrushes are always looking for the ability to spray the equivalent of the dictionary on the side of a gnat. And have it be legible.

Well, I've not found any for hobbyists that is that good, but this new airbrush from Skybow is the best that I've used so far. The Skybow AB.100 is a dual action airbrush with a .18mm nozzle and a fluid capacity of .5cc. Not much as things go, but since this airbrush is for detail work, it doesn't need to hold a lot of paint.

The airbrush itself is superbly crafted and just feels good in my hand. The action is silky-smooth as one would expect from a quality airbrush.  There is an adjustment knob on the back that allows you to control how large a spray pattern the airbrush will allow. This is an excellent feature if you want to have lines that are the same width. It is adjustable from very fine up to an amazingly wide pattern. You could paint an entire model with this airbrush, though you'd be limited by the fluid capacity if the model is very large.

I found that clean-up was quite easy by simply removing the rear cap, pulling out the needle and removing the spray nozzle assembly. A non-abrasive pipe cleaner was able to remove most of the paint and what was left in the fluid reservoir was removed with a cotton budd/Q-tip.

Since the opening is so small, keeping the airbrush clean and the paint thin is imperative. I thinned both enamels and lacquers to the consistency of water and turned down the air pressure to less than 10 psi. Worked beautifully.

The hose attachment point is such that it wouldn't work with my Badger hose/Iwata airbrush set-up, but by screwing the bottom air attachment off my Iwata, it perfectly fit into the bottom of the Skybow. This makes switching between the two a very easy operation.

I've only done one model using this airbrush and still have some education in front of me in terms of how it works with other paints, but I'm extremely pleased with it at this point in time and will be using it often. It is perfect for some of those more complex camouflage patterns and should allow some quality free-hand 1/72 schemes. I'm really jazzed about it and I think you will be as well.

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