KIT: Flattops and More 1/72 Essex Carrier deck (modernized)
KIT #: ?
PRICE: $25.00 from
DECALS: None, nein, zip, nada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: laser etched wood, photo etch and plastic

If there is one accessory that most modelers will use it is a base. This is something that not only enhances a good model, but in many cases, is a model in its own right.

Such is the case with this carrier deck section from Flattops & More. The section, also available in 1/48, is mainly laser cut wood. Why is that? Well, this base is to represent modernized Essex class carriers. They can be Korean War veterans or later 27-Charlie angled deck carriers as used in Vietnam. These all had wooden decks. It wasn't until later supercarriers that we would see metal decks. Metal was also eventually used on the Midway class as well, though I'm not sure if they started with wood or not.

Regardless, this deck set also includes the rectangular tie-downs that were found on these ships. Steel decks generally use the round star shaped tie-downs. These tie-downs are in photo etch. There is also a black plastic square base on which to put this. There size and number of deck sections is such that you can put the deck at an angle if you so wish. A complete set of instructions accompanies the set and I have to say, it looks to be super easy to construct. All you'll need that is not included is strip plastic so that the tie-downs can be installed flush with the deck surface. Evergreen makes strip plastic that meets the size criteria for these small sections.

Since the set is wood, you can use white glue to construct it and perhaps use super glue or contact cement for the photo etch. It can then be painted with any appropriate paint, allowing the wood grain to be easily visible. If you wish to show an area with a lot of traffic, it can also be sanded down a little bit to show more of the wood color underneath.

This deck section would be perfect for displaying a Skyraider or a Banshee or even a Skywarrior, though the latter might be a bit bigger than the base. All these were used on Essex class ships.

For more information or to purchase yours, please visit My thanks to them for providing the review sample.

June 2007

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