3D Shirts WW II Aircraft T-Shirts

PRICE: $18 -20.00 plus S&H
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Twelve different war bird designs from  http://www.3dshirts.com/airplanes.html

Adding to the cool-tees collection is this one from 3Dshirts. What makes these so nice is that they have a shadow under the very nicely done aircraft. The one I chose was for the B-25 and it is in the Stone color, which complements the OD paint scheme. There are other US bombers as well as some fighter designs in the collection. This work is all done by Eric Berg, a long time MM reader. In fact, I'm wearing mine as I type and it is a superb fit. These are available In all the usual sizes from big-uns to the kid sizes . They also wear very well. An earlier B-17 shirt from 3D is still in excellent shape despite being worn with great frequency.

They are superbly done and a fine value. 3D does other things besides aircraft so check them out.

November 2008

Thanks to 3Dshirts for the review sample

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