Resin 1/25 Mopar 340 Six Pack engine








Scott Van Aken



I have always found it odd that someone who balks at spending $20 for a kit will gleefully plunk down more than that on accessories. Must admit to being part of that illustrious grouping. It must be some sort of oddity of the human psyche does that. For instance; I am not a car modeler. However, I had no trouble forking out the funds for this really neat 340 Six Pack resin engine. I don't even have a car to put it in (yet)!

As you can see you get a really detailed mini-kit with a lot of parts in it. It has a transmission and cast iron exhaust and the whole bit. There are even a few photo etched parts for the fan and wiring loom, a length of plastic striping material to use for the fan and accessory belts and a placard or two for the air cleaner depending on if it is a Dodge or Plymouth engine!

There is a rather detailed instruction sheet that goes with it. It gives you several exploded drawings to assist with building the engine. For color data, information in the instructions and the nice picture on the pack should be more than sufficient. All you really need to do is to wire the distributor, add a few fuel lines and the coolant hoses and you are set.

Amazingly, there is no manufacturer given or written anywhere on the package or instructions. Could this be an illegal copy or something? Anyway it is very neat. Now, how does one go about mounting something like this into a car kit??

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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