Scale: 1/48

Price: MSRP - $24.95

Manufacturer: Eduard

Media: Injection molded plastic, cast resin, photo-etch brass

Decals: "Black Maria", Raymond Collishaw, No. 8 Squadron, RNAS, 1917

Accuracy: Very good

Overall: see review

Reviewed by: Thomas McKelvey Cleaver (THE AERONUT)

This is Eduard's second Sopwith Triplane. The first was the single-gun version with the early Pup-type horizontal stabilizer. Eduard is now doing different kits of the same model with extra specific details for an ace's airplane.

This Triplane has the later horizontal stabilizer in cast resin, with the twin-Vickers mount used by the "Black Flight" of the famous "Naval Eight" squadron, commanded by Raynmond Collishaw (60 victories). The "Tripehound" was flown so well by Collishaw and his compatriots that the Germans gave it the sincere compliment of getting their own triplane, the more famous Fokker Dr. I, though by the time of its appearance the speed limitation inherent in the form had sent the British Triplane off the Western Front.

Eduard has come up with a way of injection-molding plastic that revolutionizes the limited-run kit. This is completely up to the quality one would expect of Hasegawa or Tamiya. The first of these was the equally-excellent Sopwith Pup. The Triplane model is flash-free, the instructions are clear, and the decals for Collishaw's "Black Maria" are excellent. Following established Eduard practice, the cockpit interior is photo-etch brass and easily assembled with experience in the media.

The Triplane has a simple strut system and the wings are easily assembled. I attached the lower wing, painted the aircraft and decaled it, then assembled the other wings. This was because I used SuperScale's "wood surface" medium color sheet for the struts and prop. I cut the control surfaces and repositioned them for a better look.

For those afraid of rigging, the Triplane has a minimum of wires. I used .008" brass wire painted silver for this. The airplane upper surfaces are painted "PC-10," while the lower surface is Gunze Sanyo "sail color."

This is an excellent kit and a worthy addition to any World War I collection.

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