Contact Resin 1/32 Otto Lilienthal

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Birch, resin, covering paper parts.



If the Wright brothers put the “Flyer”in the air in 1903, it was thanks to their studies since 1896, based on the experiences from a German man, Otto Lilienthal, who in 1891 with its ”bird wing” glider prototype, reach a 80 meters flight in distance close to Postdam, putting in practices its numerous years of research published in 1889  under the title" Der Vogelflug al Grundlage der Fliegekunst" (the flight of the bird, base of aviation).  Otto Lilienthal drawn about ten gliders from 1891 to 1896, date of his death during a flying accident. To visualise the origin and the successes of the human flight, between the first balloons test with Pilatre de Rosier, and the motorized Flyer, the gliders of Otto which are the missing links must be discovered by the aviation enthusiasts and modellers. 


 That’s done today, thanks to the French manufacturer Contact Resin with this 1/32 scale model which capture the material and design of that time; with wood and covering paper. This model has few parts, 7 in resin for the pilot (of which a base for more of stability, with arms and separated hands, without no defects), and 8 laser pre-cut (a la Guillows) in birch (to replace the reed), with no problem for extraction, as in my box, some parts were already aside the “sprue”. One finds the main body (the wing surface), the cable holder frame, the rudder, the stabilizer, and four ribs to give the curvature to the wings.  The notice gives clearly the construction sequence, steps by step.  It is firstly necessary to cover all the surfaces with the paper (with white glue), and then apply the ribs. The final stage is for rigging (not supplied), an easy job thanks to the notice sequence. According with my old experience in light glider modelling, I personally shall make 4 jigs to put under the wing skeleton (which I also deep in water to avoid splitting). Still wet, I’ll pass a hair dryer over to dry everything. Always with the jigs holding the profile, I’ll put some coat of varnish to fix the camber of the wing, before covering process. 


  Here is an unusual and a beautiful subject, original, without difficulties that will change us for once of the « all plastic kit », in the finest tradition of the old machine, and it will allow you to add the starting point of this adventure into your collection. Recommended. JPP.

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