Matchbox 1/72 Hawker Fury

KIT: Matchbox 1/72 Hawker Fury
KIT #: PK-1
PRICE: Out of Production
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Victor Scheuerman
NOTES: Matchbox's first kit


Introduced in 1930 this elegant fighter was designed by Sydney Camm, and was a feature of the pre war R.A.F. They were famous for their aerobatic displays at Hendon, performing intricate maneuvers tied together.

 No. 43 Squadron was first to receive the aircraft as replacement for Siskins. Hawker Furys were exported to a number of countries including Iran, China, Spain, and Yugoslavia.

 The aircraft were progressively fitted with more powerful engines, but the Mk 1 used the Rolls Royce ‘Kestrel’ of 525h.p. (Thanks to the kit instruction sheet).


Matchbox certainly set the bar high with their first kit. It can be argued that the best of their aircraft kits were indeed their biplanes. This cleanly molded and petit kit has 29 parts including the clear windscreen. A rather basic cockpit is offered that has the floor with foot guides molded in place onto which a seat and separate pilot are attached to.  There is an instrument panel molded to the fuselage halves, but even the control column is missing.

 The external surface is mostly raised detail with just the control hinge lines being engraved. Though the wing ribs are overstated, a rubbing with a 3M abrasive pad or equivalent should tone them done.

 Matchbox offered well drawn instructions and the nine steps for this kit is adequate. One odd thing about their instruction sheets, were that the detail colours notes for the interior were offered at the end of assembly. As this was a first issue boxing; even this is not included! What is on this sheet are some general assembly, paint, and decal application hint drawings that look very familiar to the ones printed on the FROG kit instruction sheets. Even more interesting was that it was not until I was repacking the kit that I noticed the ends of the interior box  shows some interior and exteriors details in full colour!

 Matchbox always offered at least two decal options in their kits and one option is the ‘A’ Flt. Cdr’s aircraft of 43 Squadron RAF. This has the flight colour of red on the fin and those tasteful black and white checks on the upper wing and fuselage sides. Not really apparent on the full colour profiles on the back of the box is the metal engine cowling should be highly polished while the remainder is silver dope. 

A similar finished Fury of the Royal Yugoslavia Air Force is the second option and this somewhat less glamorous Fury only boasts national insignia. Though this kit is an original molding, the kit decals still look usable.


While there may be a newer injected molded 1/72 scale Fury on the market. This one still looks good and with some minor detail added to the cockpit and to rubbing to tone down the wing ribs should produce a Fury that can still hold its own.

Victor Scheuerman

January 2008

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