PM 1/48 SIAT 223 Flamingo
KIT: PM 1/48 SIAT 223 Flamingo
KIT #: PM 206
PRICE: AUD $7.95
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Graham Mison


 The SIAT 223 Flamingo is a 4 or 2 seat light single of German design. SIAT was the post WWII initials of the Siebel aircraft company. MBB took them over in the early 1970’s, later the production of the Flamingo was transferred to CASA in Spain. The aircraft has a fixed tricycle undercarriage and is powered by a Avco Lycoming engine of 200HP (149 KW). Length: 24 ft 4in (7.43 mtr), Height: 8ft 10in (2.7 mtr), Wingspan: 27ft 2in (8.28 mtr).

  A number of these aircraft were sold to civil operators and they were used by Swissair as trainers. A web search brought forth a number of images that show that a red and white scheme similar to that on the box top was popular with owners. 


  PM’s quarter scale Flamingo was first released in the mid 1980s. It is their only kit to this scale. The entire PM range became available again here in Oz earlier this year, most with new decals.

  This release seems to be exactly the same as the original in every way except the box top artwork, which has been only slightly altered. The parts are molded in 2 colours plus a clear one-piece canopy. In red plastic we have the wings, wingtips, undercarriage, wheels, spinner and control columns. In white comes the fuselage, prop, cockpit, tailplanes and engine front. This comes to a total of 24 parts.

  Molding quality is not the best with blemishes, flash and rough edges present. This is particularly obvious on the wing trailing edges. Surface detailing is mostly very fine raised lines with deep engraving for the control surfaces on the wings. The canopy, which is bagged separately from the other 2 sprues, is very thin and clear.

 Instruction sheet is in Turkish and printed on an off white paper. This shows a 2-stage construction process and 3 view painting guides for the 2 marking options.

  The decal sheet is a let down and is very yellowed for a re-release in today’s market. This could possibly be because it was printed back in the ‘80s, as was the instruction sheet. The 2 options are: A Turkish civil registered aircraft in red and white and a camouflaged Syrian Air Force example. Unless you read Turkish it will be necessary to refer to the small colour profiles on the box side to help paint the Syrian example as the paint names are in Turkish. A useful inclusion is the instrument panel decal although this would benefit from some touches of colour.


  This would have to be the cheapest 1/48 scale aircraft kit on the market. It will probably appeal to those modelers that like civil types or those looking for a project to try some new techniques out on.

Graham Mison

July 2008

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