Hasegawa 1/200 KC-130H Hercules 'JASDF'

KIT #: 10818
PRICE: 135 yuan RMB on taobao
DECALS: Two options
NOTES: Two kits in the box


Most people would have heard of the mighty Hercules, probably the most successful and widely used transport aircraft since World War II. Almost every air force in the world bar Russia and China uses this thing.
Several countries use the C-130 as an air-to-air tanker, too. Unlike the propeller powered tankers of the early days of inflight refuelling, the turboprop powered Hercules can fly fast enough to tank jet fighters safely (it probably helps that modern jet fighters can safely fly at slower speeds than in the early days, too). The Hercules can also go slow enough to safely refuel helicopters, giving them more versatility over larger jet tankers like the KC-135 or KC-30A.
Japan has one of these tanker Hercules on its roster. What's noteworthy, though, is that the refueling pods used by Japan look different to those used by most of the other Hercules tankers. So it's pointless to buy this kit to make another country's tanker: you'd have to scratch build the refueling pods anyway so you might as well get a cheaper boxing.

There are two kits in this "limited edition" Hasegawa boxing of its venerable but still very nice 1/200 Hercules kit. One is moulded in the light grey you see in the photos here and the other in a blue plastic similar to the blue-grey colour that some JASDF Hercules are apparently painted in.

The kit has nicely engraved panel lines, a poseable main cargo door, neat little propellors and undercarriage and a clear canopy section which takes careful painting. The new sprue contains the parts for the two underwing refueling pods and is as nicely moulded as the rest of the kit. 
Apparently, Japan only has one of these in service so far, although pictures are available of two separate aircraft (with different codes, anyway). The kit gives you markings for the overall grey plane on the box lid, and for a complex three tone tactical camouflage scheme. The decals are nicely done, consistent with current Hasegawa quality.
You can see that scheme in the build review I did of another, non-tanker double boxing of the base kit a few years back, right here on MM

Another boxing of the great 1/200 C-130. How can you go wrong?

Richard F

August 2017

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