Hasegawa 1/48 TA-4 Skyhawk 'Israeli Air Force'
KIT #: 07307
PRICE: ¥4,320 Yen (approx. $55.08)
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Andrew Garcia
NOTES: Flat Coated Kit Decals


See Scott Van Aken’s review of the Hasegawa TA-4J, kit 7243, which provides: “With the jet age came the need to provide a trainer for pilots transitioning to what were new types. The A-4 series was no exception and so good an airframe was it, that the two seat trainer was chosen by the Navy as their advanced jet trainer to replace the T-33B and short lived T2V SeaStar, and later TF-9J Cougar. For decades, the TA-4J was a regular Navy addition at air shows around the US. Those living near airports would frequently see these planes on cross country flights and it was chosen by many units for utility work and for aggressor training. The TA-4J outlived its single seat cousin in US military operation by about a decade, finally succumbing to the T-45 that is now in use.”

The Hasegawa instructions have no additional information regarding the Israeli TA-4J. In  2012, the estimate of Skyhawk’s still flying in Israel for training, Electronic Warfare work, and other missions is approximately 30 A-4N and about 15 TA-4J/H versions.

While reading some web sites to gather more information one stated “A scandal has grounded Israel’s "Ayit" fleet – and is about to lead to its replacement. The Flying Tiger Squadron at Hatzerim Air Base still use their A-4Ns and 2-seat TA-4Js for advanced IAF Lead-In Fighter Training." There are some on display, TA-4J #747 and #328 at the Ramat David IAF Museum display which could help modelers.


This kit is the latest incarnation of the previously released and long awaited TA-4J.  All the standard two seater parts are with this release and a small resin part, “UR”, composed of four parts, two pieces for the elongated exhaust associated with the Israeli Skyhawk modifications and two additional blade antennas. 

This release, Kit # 07307, features two aircraft. They are very similar and from the same unit, the 102 Squadron IAF Flying Tigers.  The first option is serial number 702 and the second version is serial number 720. The kit decals feature a flat coated surface which is appreciated.  It is a small decal sheet but still very nice with clearly printed Hebrew lettering for the stencils.

With the resin parts Hasegawa has given us another delightful release for the Skyhawk lovers of the world!


For anyone who likes IAF aircraft it is a much appreciated release since it is a fine kit and an easy build. It is a good companion kit for the previously released Hasegawa A-4N Israeli Skyhawk. The additional resin parts in this release are well made with no bubbles or defects. The additional work to add the resin parts is within the reach of all but newbie modelers. There are aftermarket resin IAF Skyhawk parts available such as the Quickboost QB48247 A-4 IDF Skyhawk Exhaust Nozzle for Hasegawa kit which could get you a similar end result. You will have to scratch build the two antennas and inner burner ring though to replicate the kit parts. There are some nice munitions weapons sets from IsraCast to enhance this kit. There are some additional TA-4J aftermarket decals available such as the ISD0060 IsraDecal Israeli Air Force A-4 Ahit A-4E/F/H/N & TA-4H/J/F #60 too for alternate markings so let’s see some of these appearing on contest tables soon.


Osprey Combat Aircraft No. 81 Israeli A-4 Skyhawk Units In Combat by Shlomo Aloni. First printed in 2009. ISBN 13978 1 84603 430 5

 Andrew Garcia

October 2012

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