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This limited edition of the Hasegawa 1/48 F-8 Crusader (in French ,say "Crouze")  in F-8E(FN),for French Navy is really a beautiful Christmas gift for all French A éronavale lovers. The "e" version has already been displayed ,so i ll give you some more info from this bird used in my land.

You will find everything  to make all the structural versions of the "last of the gun fighters"; Hasegawa has in fact added some typical items to its second Crusader kit ,the J version (ref 07226)

This "J" was a "E" with the new increased size stabilizers, double leading edge, and a MK7 seater.For the French version the new sprues contains antennas and missiles. The most visible antennas are the VHF on the forward upper fuselage a white "T" shape and a bar on the fin tip called Sherloc which is the characteristic of the F-8 P (P for prolongé ,that's the mods that extended the duty live until 1999 ,when the jet was ripped off). The armament consist of two identical sprues with 2 Matra 530 and 550 Magic missile ,the 530 with large fins was used until 1981 and replaced then with the 550 Magic, an armament in common with the French Air Force on its Mirage F-1 and 2000.Hasegawa fins seem thick and could be sanded or replace by aluminium cans sheets. Now some suggestions for this beautiful and exotic version.

The cockpit can be enhanced with Eduard p/e sheet (ref. 48440), and in particular the instrument panel which provides the dial of the Global Position System (only for F8P), located on the of the scope (S9 part). On the right of the scope sharp modeler could scratch the camera restitution for fights. The seat, a mk7(always for a F8-P) is appropriate, will be detailed, or replaced. For a Crouze "non P", in white/gray, all white, early blue grey colors, you'll have to exchange it for a Mk 5 (aftermarket, i.e Cobra Company). When the canopy is raised ,behind the pilot the oxygen green apple spherical bottle is visible, but not represented in the kit neither by available aftermarket ,except the old KMC for the Monogram kit. (And the FM Details set, which is basically the same as the KMC version, Ed) The instrument panel had a canvas covering the instrument, included in the KMC set and surely in the Aires F8E set. If you want to ad a French pilot seated ,turn to PJ production who just produced a beautiful item ( ,and see pic too. The multiple leading edges have some molding depression impact (see pic) easy to fill.

Gear and bays will see your own addition of cables and pipes, or Aires ,again will save you time  there, knowing that basic kit is already well detailed. The stab compared with the plans in French Air FAN review on one side  and the BIBLE on the subject ,excellent book from  Lela Presse, on the other side, seem, yes seem a little to short 2mm at the trailing edge. Attention, some aircrafts were repaired and maintained in wings (Flotilles) and  a consequent rework was done due to lack of spare parts. All aircrafts had not identical surface stabilators! Some reinforcements are surprising (see the n°10 in le Bourget,or in the web sites at the end of the article). For the loads, contrary to the box art, the large M530 has never been carried by a F-8P,may be by an early blue grey standard finish,and surely by grey/white-grey aircraft. If you want a M 550 live missile, it will be gray, blue for a exercise dummy, and orange for a responder adaptor. The stencils must all be in French text ,and CARPENA, MDC, or Albatross, will provide you everything good for any period in the aircraft live. The Sherloc antenna  is too long (- 2mm at rear, - 1mm at point; the extremities must be rounded. For the other  antennas, some are missing ,i.e  the ILS marker ,the  IFF and radio operator altimeter below and the GPS, easily realizable plated on the back, in front of the wing. Their position changed during live ,check your reference, again.

The decal sheet is for two aircrafts from the 12F Flotille. One is completely light gray without squadron badge, and a blue F8P bearing the Porte avions Foch badge on starboard rudder, and the walking duck with the fork on the port side. A jaw tooth was painted on the intake too. If you want to go further, Aires produce a complete set with original parts for the bays guns and the extended refueling probe. Contrary to a lot displayed models, do not raise the wings up, on ground at rest if the pilot or mechanical are out, that's technically impossible!


Built only "from the box" or hyper detailed, that's a Royal model for 1/48 scale fans to display the very last user of the last of the gun fighters. If the series is really limited, do not hesitate, buy one or two quickly. In the contrary ,or if you miss it ,this is what you can do :

buy the J version and:
1) for the late version (F8E-FN)-P in all blue scheme
    -scratchbuilt the "sherloc" antenna on the tail
    -add the magic missile from the scrap box (magic, are like the French air force missile)
    -add the GPS antenna (square white dot)on the upper fuselage, and the T antenna after the canopy.
    -find decals (Albatros, MDC ,or generic CARPENA sheet with all camo type)
2) for earlier version (F8E-FN) grey/white version
 -add the matra or sidewinder missiles from the scrap box,
 -replace the mk7 seat with mk5 type
-find decals (as above)
3) for mid-scheme  version (F8E-FN) all white
 -add the matra or sidewinder or magic  missiles from the scrap box,
 -replace the mk7 seat with mk5 type
-find decals(as above)
All in all ,you'll always be able to model a French cruse ,as far as the "J" box will be available.


Books: Ginter,

Lela PRESSE  le crusader en action par J.M.GALL at or at your web distributor the MUST and DEFINITIVE book on the subject, mass of sketchs, drawings , plans, pics  with English glossary and image captions.


Decals; CARPENA, Albatros, MDC

Resin : AIRES detail sets , pilot at  PJ production

P/E : Eduard 48440

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