Embraer 312/312F TUCANO

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 48001 -Scale 1/48 by ACONCAGUA


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Jean Paul Poisseroux


51 resin parts, 10 metal parts, 37 P/E parts, a clear vac canopy. Highly detailed model, for average modeller




   At the end of the 70’s, the Brazilian firm Embraer study for its Air Force a training aircraft to replace the old Cessna T37 on its last days. They propose a three blades turbo prop tandem airplane very sleek with a sharp and aggressive design for transition to jet area. More than six hundred machines were produced, from which the United Kingdom have received 130 from Shorts, a four blades propeller version in modified version. France finding its ideal characteristics to replace the old Fouga Magister, bought 50 aircrafts, with a modified airbrake, specific internal cockpit lay out, antennas; that serve in the GE…312!(GE for Groupe Ecole( school group).Other countries, with a lot of Latin American AF also use the aircraft, as the Brazilian national aerobatic team in more “pacific utilisation”.    



Up to these days only Airfix had declined this superb airplane in 1/72ième. This machine, almost made for racing could not miss to interest other kit manufacturers, considering the exotic or high look in color they adorn. This time the models comes from Argentina , it is the best on the market, an other one I see must be discarded. At this first  look, it’s evident that this model has been created  with the help of a serious documentation. My own research allow me to affirm without hesitation that the interior and exterior match very well the full scale aircraft.

The fuselage is almost an entire block, only the rear right fuselage is a separate part to lighten this area, expecting to avoid weight in the nose (no really easy place), and to get an interior cabin just ready to paint. Dry fit test lead me to advice you to sand and discard the resin excess carefully to avoid the amount of putty that will be required at this junction. The curved nose air intake could be accentuate a bit, while a gently 1000 grid sanding job will be required to remove the little resin dust that stick on the sides (and wings too, they almost disappear under my nail pressure, but sanding remove also the bright aspect, clean and prepare the gloss finish for some schemes, allowing the primer coat to settle). The fuselage mould function is cleverly not located in the middle axe as most injected kits, avoiding you to destroy the details (airbrakes area). Some circular panels are missing on the rudder, and the reinforcement bars on the wings do not appear of my pics (check your doc). The wings must be glued to fuselage without pins, no wiring needed, as the surface is enough for epoxy. Think to add the circular tank panels on wings. About inside details, it’s very detailed, but for the French version the instrument panels are different. (I give details to the manufacturer and he realise a correcting P/E fret very quickly, (I must clap strongly my hands to this attitude, that reveal the Hi Quality, that we would like to find in some mainstream firms!)

You’ll find the internal structure reinforcements (must be covered for French version), dashboards a la  Eduard , pretty Martin Baker seats and (green) oxygen bottle at the rear. The swing mechanism of the canopy in flat P/E could be rework with tubes to realise the actuator. The one piece canopy will be outfitted with his arch, p/e handgrips and clear perpex sheet that separate the two places. The gear bays and legs are well done, only some pipes will be added (easier to say than to do, if you have not documentation, I admit). The airbrake shutter can also be display in down position. You’ll select the antennas according to your version, all are there, as the under wing charges (bombs, rocket launchers). Four decorations are included, the trouble is to select one, as all are exciting, a Peruvian from the grupo d’aviacion 5 in green and chestnut with a shark mouth, a French School aircraft in gray/red, a Brazilian in 2 gray tones from the 1/3 GAV Esquadrao Escorpiao, and an Argentinian airplane in green (2 tones) et maroon. The decal is signed by Aztek, so no comment on the quality, superbly fine.



 With a light preparation of the pieces (surfaces and metal), you will add a beautiful airplane in your modern collection , trainer or COIN warrior , on your choice, or twice if you can’t resist. 

March 2005


Supplier : Luis Santos –Miami -USA

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