Polar Lights "The Jetsons" Spaceship




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Scott Wirz




  The Jetsons debuted in the 1962-63 television season and gave us a glimpse of what our future might be like:  a cool spaceship, robot maid, and floating house to call home.  Unfortunately, some things persisted, like work and a demanding boss.  Oh well....

The Jetsons reappeared in the 1984-85 and 87-88 seasons and inspired a couple of different movies.  The show continues to be popular with kids of all ages.  Perhaps one day we'll see the entire run released on DVD.


 Polar Lights has been producing "retro" kits like crazy.  It's like stepping into a time warp and seeing kits that haven't been around in 30-40 years.  In this case, Polar Lights has created a new tool,  easy-to-build snap-together kit that includes five pre-painted Jetsons figures.  This last feature isn't advertised on the box, but is a really nice bonus. 

The spaceship itself comprises 14 parts.  The large clear dome is safely protected in bubble wrap and mine came through without a scratch.  Although the kit is billed as "no painting required," Polar Lights thoughtfully provides Testors paint references (color name and stock number) and a guide for detail painting.  A three piece, clear stand will enable you to display the model once you're finished.  The base has "The Jetsons" rising from what looks to be the surface of the moon.  I'm thinking about adding a small Apollo Lunar Module to the base just to add the contrast of 1960s science reality versus science fiction.  Checking the pieces, the finished model will be about 7 inches long and around 10 inches high (including the stand).


With this release, you can have a nice model of The Jetson family and spaceship in a very short amount of time.  Even with detail painting, I'd say you could get this kit built in a couple of hours, giving yourself a break from more serious modeling in the process.  If you're looking for a fun addition to the model case, go no further. 

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