KIT: Panzer Resin Models 1/35 AEC Dorchester 4x4 'Mammut'
KIT #: PRM 35007
PRICE: $60.00 plus shipping from Brazil
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Marcus Borges
NOTES: Resin multi-media kit.


When the military situation in North Africa worsened and then became critical to the Italian forces facing the British, Adolf Hitler decided to send in troops to support his ally, in the form of the famous “Deutsches Afrika Korps”, in 1941.

 However, many German equipments were not totally adapted to the desert. Frequently, as soon as a territory was conquered, abandoned  enemy material, in working condition, was retrieved by both sides, the Germans having a personal taste for the British trucks and cars, due to their better desert performance.

 The great General Erwin Rommel once ordered that all vital supplies were to be transported only by British trucks!!! 

 According to that policy, Rommel himself used a British vehicle for Command and Control activities, this important 1/35 release by PRM – Panzer Resin Models, the AEC 4 x 4 Dorchester (nicknamed “Mammut” by the Germans).


 This model has 49 high quality PU resin parts, with a good surface detail and a very nice fit overall!!

 Portuguese instructions, with photographs depicting all assembly steps, each one with arrows and hints which, if followed, will optimize the kit building. Besides, an extra leaflet with a four view drawing is provided and the modeller is also invited to access the manufacturer´s site (in Portuguese AND in English, too) for even better explanations and further hints :

 The complete building, hugely illustrated, plus historical concerned facts can be found at (a Portuguese site):

 Two decal sheets are provided, permitting to make one of the following versions  (editor's note: the white markings on the second sheet are practically invisible so that sheet was not shown.):

 1) “Hermann” – British Army in Europe after D-day, Dark Green and Black blotches camouflage;

 2) ”Moritz” – Deutsches Afrika Korps, General Rommel, camuflagem standard British “Caunter” camouflage  plus Balkenkreuzes; and,

 3) Pre-capture British Version – Markings of the 2nd Armoured British Division.


 A very important release, for it is a significant vehicle used during the desert and European theaters of war by both sides, making a welcome addition to any armour collection!

February 2006

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