Tamiya 1/35 Panzer III Ausf N

KIT #: 35290
REVIEWER: Jack Bruno


 Many, Many years ago, when I did a review of this on a modeling site, I was sent THIS new TAMIYA Panzer III Ausf. N.  I built it up and did a review on it and even entered it in a Show.  I had FRUIL Tracks on it and it just didn't seem right. So, I was removing a few links on each side, when I dropped the kit and it exploded all over the place. Well, the remains went into a plastic bucket (ice cream container) with an old Pepsi shirt on the top of it and it remained there for over 5 years.  Last week I was finishing up a few projects and FOUND this kit in the storage area and decided that it would be a HOOT if I could salvage what I could (bitch kit).....( I found The Panther Ausf. D too).......I started removing the track and really thought that the damage was not as bad as I thought it was............I started to work.  It got a repaint/weathering/pigments/new MAGIC track/oil wash/oil dry brushing and a new Base.
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The very First thing that I did was collect all of the pieces that I would need for the rebuild.............The Hull and chassis were already separated and I replaced two of the Road wheels that were missing with a Stug III kit that I had in the stash. (those wheels were replaced anyway using the resin set that had wear/tear on them).  On a previous project I had used the FRUIL "Witterketten" set and had an extra set of MAGIC TRACK that fit perfectly and after about the time it took for the Chicago Cubs to lose a Game, I had those assembled.  While the glue on the track was just about cured I slide it over the wheels and return rollers and wrapped it around drive sproket, making sure it was snug/tight and the teeth pressed into the holes.....shutup..........TAKE YOUR TIME........the proper PANZER SAG was done at this time using a pencil to shape the track into place......make sure you have proper alignment and all the wheels are touching the ground......This was put off to the side to dry
Next came the upper hull where some of the tools were replaced. The wooden handles were rejuvenated using TAMIYA Buff and after that was dry, raw sienna oil was used to bring out the sexy wood grain effect. Dark Grey was used for the metal area and then given a small application of pencil lead for a used look. After this dried a lil flat coat was brushed on to seal it. The extra FRUIL track was originally used as extra Armor protection and I left that in place..........Elmers Glue was applied FROM THE INSIDE to seal the Drivers viewing port and will appear as armored glass when it dried.

I was looking at some pics from books in my collection and was going for a War Weary Tank that looked like the Desert took it's toll. I took out my GREX and started to spray high points with a flat brown.......from there I went to a darker middlestone shade and my Panzer started looking like new again, only much mo' betta!  I was careful to get close enough to the turret markings without botching that up because I really did like this Division. I kept the chassis and hull separated and then my attention turned to the lower half of the tank. The tracks were given the same treatment as the hull only darker shades. I selected the pigments I would use and gave both half's a FUTURE treatment and prepared for the oil wash.  I use WINDSOR-NEWTON Oil's and pre-made a batch of Turpentine with a long sliver of Dick Van-Dyke Brown.  A light application is what I started with and after three more treatments I liked THE LOOK and let the Turpentine evaporate before a sealing coat of Clear Flat, by VALLEJO.   I really needed something new, so I opted for an air recognition flag, draped over the storage boxes on the rear hull.  I should have mentioned that the scratch built stowage rack survived that original mishap and was still used in this project. It was constructed by Plastic Strip, Super Glue and Green Putty to simulate weld beads. BALLZZ!!! The Flag was made from foil and using a template, I cut a stencil for the circle. VERY CAREFULLY the foil was shaped by pressing it into the area where it was to be located.......First the white paint, applied the stencil, then sprayed red..........this was FUTURED and after it dried a Decal was stolen from a SUPERSCALE set that I use for Armor.  Again, this was sealed with a Flat Coat.  I started to carefully dry brush using yellows and a hint of white in some area's......pigments were then used along the track area and I used an eye dropper and taking TAMIYA THINNER, carefully applied it to the pigments a small drop at a time to keep them in place. Further applications of pigment may be needed to build up the amount of grunge your looking for ;)  DO NOT saturate the pigment...use just enough to let it spread on it's own. it dry's very nicely and you'll be surprised at how well it works.........you'll be sold on them. I used MIG for this and the Europeaon dirt and Africa Sand....some Track brown color pigment was used in the track area.

When everything concerning the Tank was drying I went to my Local GOODWILL Store, not only to scope out the talent, but pick up a few wooden bases the girlzz put on the side for me!!  You'll be surprised at what they will do for a STARBUCK's once in a while...........THAT's another story............I pictured a moving column of Tanks in the Desert....single file to hide their numbers in the sand......and laid out my base using CELLUCLAY mixed with water and white glue.  I spread it out over the selected area and pressed some curb side stones into it and even had some sand left from Mike's dayz at the COOLIDGE SCHOOL Sandbox.  It looked great and I pressed PANZER IV track into the road to give some route for my completed Tank.  When this was all dry I painted it by air brush using the same colors and washes used on the Chassis.  Looks GREAT!!!   Now, all I needed was to put everything together.
After carefully putting some droplets of Super Glue on the mount points, I re-joined the Hull/turret onto the Chassis....finally together after five long years. The track sag was perfect and I marveled at what it looked like now as opposed to then (I included a pic) Everything came out better than planed and I put it off to the side to dry and finished the base with a generous Dick Van Dyke oil wash.........after this set up for the next few days I mounted the Tank to the Base and off to get it's picture taken.
I really had fun doing this RESURRECTION, if you will...........So much so that on the table right now is another "find" from years ago in the DRAGON Panther Ausf. D..............you might want to try giving one of your old kits a make-over..........you'll be pleasantly surprised!!!!!

Jack Bruno

October 2013

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