Airfix 1/76 Bren Gun carrier and 6 pdr

KIT #: 01309
PRICE: 5.50
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REVIEWER: David Carley


The Bren gun carrier was built in huge numbers (nearly 100,000), and saw service on all fronts including the East with the Russians. It was used as a ambulance, armed recce, troop carrier, tow vehicle and anti tank hunter amongst many other roles.



Just over 40 parts in green plastic make up this tiny kit, of a universal carrier and it's 6 pdr. Included are a crew for the gun, and driver and commander for the carrier.

Decals are for the 51st Highlanders, who landed at Normandy.



Seven build sections, four for the carrier and three for the gun. Just over twenty parts, including the crew make up the carrier, fit is good. The running gear is a one piece moulding of wheels, tracks and suspension. It's nicely detailed and looks fine for the size. It can be enhanced at the painting stage. Having studied many photos I decided to add some extra stowage in the form of tarp rolls and cam nets. These I made from rolled paper, with wire straps. The cam nets were old net curtains cut and painted.

I added all the crew to the carrier, giving a bit of life to the kit. Not sure what the original seating was, but these guys needed their lower halves  removed in order to fit in.

The 6 pdr covers 3 sections, it's small but builds into a tidy looking gun. The legs and gun are movable, allowing it to be positioned in towed, or firing position.




Box recommendation is overall Humbrol 86 light olive. I actually used 30 dark green. Not the best of shades, but on this occasion it seemed right. The running gear and underside were  painted 29 Dark Earth, and upper and lower were blended in with the dark green. A small  light wash of black was then applied.  Dry brushing highlights were in duck egg blue, I then used  crushed and wetted black/brown pastels for the recesses.



 Another old but still enjoyable kit from the Airfix stable. Great potential for dioramas, as probably every armour book on ww2 theatres has one of these in it.  

David Carley

May 2009

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