1/35 Turkish Army LIV/APC Otokar Cobra








A.Cagri Acikgoz




1/35 Scale Turkish Armed Forces Light Infantry Vehicle/Armored Personnel Carrier Otokar Cobra

  In line with the mechanization Land Forces, the demand for wheeled armoured vehicles has increased in all armies around the world. Otokar's design and manufacturing team has developed the best solution for wheeled armoured vehicles, COBRA which offers superior mobility, ballistic protection and adaptability for various roles and missions.

The body design allows flexibility for mounting of various weapon systems and mission related equipment. COBRA's multi-mission capabilitiy is reflected by its derivatives.


Cobra Technical Specifications



 Maximum Power

 190 HP (3400 rpm)

 Maximum Torque

 515 Nm (1700 rpm)


 4 speed, automatic

 Transfer Box

 2 speed, full time 4 wheel drive with lock.


 Helical coil suspension


 Servo assisted hydraulic disc brakes

 Fuel Tank

 120 lt, mounted inside the armoured hull


 37x16.5 radial tyres with run flat


 24 volts, fully suppressed


 200 A capacity


 2x12 volt, 100 Ah batteries


 Overall length

 5000 mm (w/o winch)


 5229 mm (w/ winch)

 Overall width

 2220 mm

 Overal height

 2100 mm (w/o weapon station)


 2500 mm (w/ weapon station)

 Track ( Front / Rear )

 1819 mm


 3300 mm

 Combat weight

 6300 kg

 Kerb weight

 4800 kg


 Power to weight ratio

 30 HP /ton



 Acceleration (0-60km/h)

 13.0 seconds

 Turning radius

 7.67 m

 Angle of approach


 Angle of departure





 Blackout lights

 Electrical self recovery winch

 Intervehicle starter socket

 Amphibious kit

 Mains switch

 NBC protection ( Protection kit including face masks with positive pressure or collective type )

 Rifle clips

 IR driving lamps

 Central Tyre Inflation System

 Smoke grenade dischargers

 All round vision blocks

 NVG compatible glazing

 Safety belts for crew

 Windscreen die-ice system

 Lashing and tie -down provisions

 Fire suppression system (optionally manual or automatic and in engine or personnel compartment)

 On-board tooling

 Night vision periscopes ( for driver and commander )

 Thermal insulation kit

 Daytime periscopes

 Air intake fan

 Intercom system

 Radio Provisions

 Search light

 Air Conditioning System

 Add-on Armour kits

 Roof Hatch

 Siren and Public announce system


  Gun ports


  IR projector


  Pioneer kit


  Stretcher provision


Cobra Personnel Carrier

 Suspension structure, rapid ingress and egress capability provided by the wide doors of Cobra vehicle ensure safe transfer and easy interference of the personnel. Vehicle's monocoque body and its wide wall angles are designed to provide higher ballistic and mine protection and due to its low profile, it is not an easy target to detect. By means of 7,62 or 12,7mm. machine guns automatic cannons up to 30 mm. that are mountable on 360ļ rotating turret, personnel can safely be transferred to battle area in safety conditions. Otokar designed closed turret, enhances Cobra's effectiveness in day and night conditions during missions such as border control, road and strategic area protection and fire support to the teams in combat area.  


 Well, I decided to build a large diorama with a friend of mine , of course topic is Turkish Armed Forces. And Otokar Cobra is a must, so I decided to build a model of it . As actual vehicle, Iíve used an Hummer chassis , seats, tyres from Italeri kit and scratch build everything else.

 First of all, I have to find some scale drawings, but I couldnít find any. I e-mailed otokar several times but nobody answered me. So, I scanned Italeri plan drawing, enlarged to 1/35 scale and I put 4 view photos Iíve took at IDEF 2003 fair. Also, I skeewed those photos according to 1/35 of actual dimensions at Cobra catalogue. Iíve  drew new scale drawings at Photoshop .  Thanks to technical school education , Iíve begun to find actual 1/35 dimensions from printed copy of drawings by drawings tool such as compass,templates etc. and I made new drawing of actual kit parts. Iíve scaned this drawings and convert them to vector images, then re-print them. Then Iíve glued them to Evergreen sytrene sheets by re-stickable glue. Iíve cut each parts from sheet sytrene and the hardest part is over.

 Costruction was not so difficult. Iíve used CA and regular liquid glue. After everthing is OK, Iíve filled all gaps with CA and sand them and make all joints smooth with Tamiya putty diluated by liquid glue,Tamiya Super Thin cement.Iíve scribed doors, hatches by Squadron tool. Roof hatches were made from 20 thou sytrene sheet. Also, Iíve poured quick setting PU resin to inside of the model for added strength.

 I have no photo of interior of actual vehilce, so Iíve glued Hummer steering Wheel, insruments panel and seats hypotethically. Several parts such as side view mirors, signal and stop lights, door handles etc came from my huge spare part yard. All hinges were made from Evergreen sheets and strips. Some U handles and stop lights protectors were made from brass wire. For glass areas, Iíve used 40 thou clear Vivak from Bayer.

 For turret, Iíve used same technics as body. Gun is from spare parts yard and smoke launchers were made from Evergreen rods.


 After masking all clear areas with Tamiya masking tapes, Iíve opened all small Windows and add raised rivet details to front part. Paints are from Humbrol and Model Master range, Interior Black, Dark Green and German Red Brown mixed with Dark Tan. And applied freehand with Iwata Eclipse airbrush.  A matt top coat from spray can applied for an even sheen an drybrushed with several shades of tan, Brown, green and grey. Detail parts painted with a fine point brush.



 After everything was dried overnight, Iíve glued all small details with CA and touched up joints with matt varnish. Iíve glued MV lenses for main lights and painted signal and painted stop lights first chrome silver then Tamiya clear orange and red. Antennas were made from stretched clear sprue and left unpainted for a natural mettalic shine. Small indow openings were filled with MicroScale Cristal Kleer.


 Well, the model took aprox. 35 hours to finish , 5 hours for drawings, 10 hours for cuting, gluing etc, 10 hours for sanding and adding small details, 5 hours for painting and additional 5 hours or final touchs.

 I hope yo like it.

A.Cagri Acikgoz


July 2004


 Text about tech. spec. of Cobra was from

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