HobbyBoss 1/700 Kilo submarine

KIT #: 87002
PRICE: 18 rmb at Xinshi


KILO is a relatively recent diesel-electric submarine from Russia. Designed to operate in shallow waters on anti-shipping and anti-submarine missions, it is quite small and supposedly fairly quiet. Unusually for a submarine, the Russian ones at least are armed with the SA-8 or SA-10 surface to air missiles, which would be a nasty surprise for a Seahawk or Orion if it came to the crunch.

The KILO also serves with India, China and Vietnam, as well as Poland, Iran, Romania and Algeria.

The KILO is also the subject of a rather idiotic book by Patrick Robinson (no, not Patrick O'Brien who wrote Master & Commander). In it, the US is freaked out by the fact China is buying a few KILOs from Russia so they wade in and destroy them with their own subs and a SEAL team. Just have a look at the reviews on Amazon to see how hopelessly mired in inaccuracy, stupidity, un-realism and one-dimensional cultural stereotypes (of all sides in the story) this book is.

Or, spend your time more effectively by buying a Hobby Boss submarine and entering the MM submarine contest!

I really like Hobby Boss. It gets knocked occasionally but I like what they've tried to do.

This is from their website:

"HobbyBoss, a professional manufacturer of static plastic model kits has became a world famous modelling company and brand after 6 years' hard work. Continually improving and making the best products are the operation philosophy and responsibility of HobbyBoss.

"HobbyBoss has advanced equipments, standard management, and passed a lot of authentication.  We will release more and more better items to serve the modellers all around the world with professional group, high technique and strict attitude."

They're doing so, too, I think. With each new release they seem generally to be improving and - with the exception of those terrible Spitfires in the easy build series - I have always been happy with my Hobby Boss kits.

All that is by way of not having much to say about this kit. It's a submarine in 1/700. How many parts do you think it has?

What is there is nicely moulded. I suppose the propeller could be a bit thinner. Beyond that it's hard to really analyse it in too much depth. A sub has a hull, a couple of fins, a prop and a few periscopes. So does this kit.


Well, if there's not much to say about the parts, there's even less to say about construction. Put the hull together. Add the prop, fins and periscopes.

Move to the paint shop.


Are you getting the theme yet? Paint it black, as Mick Jagger sang. A bit of white for the periscopes (and other masts) and white ring around the two hatches. A suitable bronzey colour for the propeller.

I suppose if you wanted to you could do the bottom half in hull red.

And you're done!


Fun. If you need something fast to get on the shelf, just to remember how it feels to actually finish a model, this is your kit. It can be done and finished in about ten minutes, plus the time the paint takes to dry!

Richard F

July 2012

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