PNT Ptolomy class tug conversion

KIT: PNT Ptolomy class tug conversion
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PRICE: $20.00 MSRP
DECALS: A bunch of options
REVIEWER: Kevin Powers
NOTES: Conversion for Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise


Space....The final frontier.  These are the voyages of the starship, Enterprise....just the Enterprise ?  Hardly.  For those Star Trek fans out there, the all too familiar shape of the Enterprise warps circles around our Sci Fi loving hearts.  For the fans of the Star Trek universe, like me, knows there are more than a couple of Heavy Cruisers plying the spaceways.  From single engine Scouts, to the 3 engined Dreadnought, the Federation has tons of ships.

  I had always thought that it would be a interesting distraction from Kirk's ever exploring space, and bagging Alien babes in tin-foil bikini's, to see how life is in the rest of the Trek universe.  I had thought that the Transport tug was a good place to start.  More than likely the work-horse of Star Fleet, the tug can haul reefers, cargo containers, and even impulse powered passenger liners. 


  The conversion uses the warp engines and the saucer section from the Polar Lights kit, along with some of the decals.  The resin pieces are pretty much like most others, some flash and mold parting lines.  The kit also includes a cargo container, which, upon seeing, the editor, Scott, jokingly said 'How high tech this kit is', when he saw the PVC length of pipe that is used as the cargo container.

  According to the detailed instructions, there is only minimal filling and drilling to make the parts of the two kits to actually work.  Ironically, to those of you that has the old Star Trek Technical manual sitting on their shelf, will realize that the instructions are done in the same way as the manual. 

A very nicely done decal sheet is included that allows a variety of ships to be modeled.


I can't wait to start on this baby, I think it will be the topic of everyone's conversation when done.  I'll be following up a complete report upon finishing the kit in the up coming month or so.  Stay tuned

Kevin Powers

July 2008

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