Moebius 1/144 Jonny Quest Dragonfly: Quest Labs Supersonic Suborbital Aircraft
KIT #: 946
PRICE: $34.99 SRP
DECALS: One option


People of a certain age will remember Jonny Quest. The animated TV series about the adventures of a young All-American boy, his Punjabi sidekick, super spy bodyguard and scientist father aired originally in 1964 on ABC. This series started off with probably the best intro/theme song ever for an American cartoon and went from there as it showed more violence, suggestive themes and adult situations than any American cartoon of its era (which was later protested by parents groups.) It ran for one season and 24 episodes before it was cancelled. Like Star Trek, it became more popular during reruns as all three networks ran it during their Saturday morning cartoon lineups during the 1960s to 1980s.

I first saw this as a 10 year old during one of the many times NBC re-ran edited versions on Sat mornings. The 10 year old me thought it was one of the coolest shows ever and wished that I could have lived the life of Jonny Quest (like a lot of kids who saw this show.)

One of the vehicles shown in the intro was the Quest Dragonfly, a V/STOL supersonic suborbital jet of fantastic range that could fly to all corners of the world.


Moebius Models released this model in Dec of 2014. It is an extremely simple kit consisting of 12 parts on two white sprues and one clear sprue. It also comes with a stand and decal for stand.

The parts are clean and detail is pretty good, but overscale. Construction and painting should be easy. No interior or landing gear details to worry about.


An interesting kit to get if you are a fan of Jonny Quest or you like strange What-if aircraft from the 60s. Should be a straight forward build thanks to no interior or landing gear.

Dan Lee

November 2015


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