Pegasus Hobbies 1/32 Aerial HK Machine

KIT #: 9016
PRICE: $40.00 SRP
NOTES: 69 parts


The 1984 movie ‘Terminator’ and its 1991 continuation ‘Terminator 2 – Judgement Day’ (or T-2) revealed how, in the future, the SKYNET computer system was activated to protect the USA from missile attack.  In an upgrade, it was given control of missiles for retaliation purposes, and factories for production purposes.  Unfortunately, SKYNET became self-aware and perceived all humans as its enemy.  It nearly wiped-out all humans by launching missiles, but the survivors organised themselves and fought back.  SKYNET reacted by building a gambit of weapons to find and destroy humans. These included T-700 human-form endo-skeleton ground units and skin-covered T-800 cyborg infiltration units.  They were supported by other machines called HKs (Hunter Killers) by the survivors.  HKs were computer-controlled tanks and aircraft armed with projectile and/or plasma-bolt weapons.  The aerial HKs had VTOL and hovering capability.        


This kit builds a model of the aerial HK seen in the opening scenes of T-2 – supposedly in 2029.   The instructions advise that the plastic is ABS plastic, and recommends several plastic cements, but warns against using MEK.  The parts feature quite bold panel lines and raised details that are at times chunky or primitive.  The surfaces have a fine pebble texture similar to a lightly-sanded finish.  I reckon that it’ll vanish under a coat of paint.  This finish extends to the clear parts, because that ‘aint too clear.  Polishing or a dip in Future might fix that.  The parts all have large sprue-gates, but no flash or sink dimples.  This latter is surprising as the alignment pins and sockets are quite large – like those of a snap-tight kit.  Dry-fitting says that they will work like most snap-tight connections, too – very difficult to disconnect.      


The instructions break the assembly down to 11 steps commencing with 5 sub-assemblies.  The two engines can be free to rotate independently on a transverse axis.  I reckon that it woulda been nice if other sub-assemblies (labled as ‘arms’) could articulate.  The single gun looks as though it would be free to traverse if it wasn’t glued.  There is no landing gear, so you are virtually compelled to use the 2-piece stand.  I have dry-fit only a few parts and report that the fits were terrific, with engraved lined lining-up like they should and suggesting that almost no filler will be needed.     


There is no conventional painting diagram.  You get only a ¾-view B&W photo of a completed model, with arrows indicating areas to be painted, and the required colour.  Nor is any detail painting advice provided.


None is provided.


I woulda liked a couple of combat soldiers and a couple of armed T-700 endo-skeletons as per the start of T-2.   


I bought this kit because I wanted the aerial HK.  I will approach it like a high-end Matchbox kit in that I will look at scratch-building to add and/or replace details.  I reckon that it’ll built into a really-nice model.



George Oh

October 2013

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