Babylon Wars Omega Class Destroyer

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PRICE: $15.00
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Kevin Powers
NOTES: Metal gaming model. Out of Production


   Earth Force Omega Class Destroyer is the backbone of the fleet.  Roughly, a Heavy Cruiser/Aircraft Carrier; entering service in the mid-2250's.  It is the follow up design to the massive Nova Class Dreadnought. The ship has a concentration of a devastating main battery fire.  Dotted with smaller pulse cannons and particle laser turrets, the ship is highly defensible against smaller enemy fighters.

  The Omega Destroyer also carries a wing of 36 Starfury Mk1 and the newer Thunderbolt Mk2.  The famous Agamemnon, was commanded by Captain John Sheridan before being transferred to the more famous Babylon 5 station.

  During the Earth Civil War, several Omega Destroyers were destroyed in the ensuing m麝馥 with opposing forces.  During the time of the Shadows war, the disliked Earth Gov, under the leadership of President Clarke, used captured Shadows Tech in a special class of Omega Destroyer, only to prove the mating of the two technologies were still no match for the power of the Famed White Star Fleet.

  When the Omega Destroyers first entered service at the time of the Earth/Minbari War, they used 'borrowed' technology from the Centauri Republic, using centrifuge type gravity generators.


The kit is all metal with 6 pieces.  With the gamer in mind, some of the parts didn't fit quite well.  The central rotation halves did not fit very well, and required a hardy helping of Acryl-blue putty.  There were several mold parting lines dotted throughout the assemblies.  The ship also needed scratch built antennas in the command section, which I used sewing needles cut to various lengths.  The kit base was discarded for a moon type resin base I acquired during a trip to a Wonderfest in Louisville, KY a few years back. 


I painted the kit in overall Testors Military Gray, followed with a dark wash, and a light dry brushing of  Testors Metalizer Aluminum.  Vallejo Yellows, reds and black finished out the detailing.


Even though this little kit, 3' from bow to stern, was a challenge, I have 4 more of the gaming pieces lined up for building.  If you are interested in these, they are hard to find.  Most of the subjects I found on various auction sites.  Stay tuned for more.

Kevin Powers

May 2008


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