KIT: AMT Star Wars AT-AT Walker
KIT #: 38271
PRICE: $15.00 MSRP
DECALS: None supplied
REVIEWER: Greg Ewald
NOTES: Comes with rubber band and 4 pc lazer tower


 Possibly one of the most gripping moments in all of the SW saga was the bit where the invading force of S.S.-like Stormtroopers attack the snow covered rebel base in the Empire Strikes Back…that immortal line : “Here they come” mixed with the thudding of huge steel feet through the whiteout was great in the theater!  I was a junior in high school when the flick came out, and could hardly wait to add the walking tank to my collection of tigers, Pzk4’s, and Sherman’s…so when they re-released this honey early on in 05, I had to pick one up.

    Lumbering, seemingly impervious and indestructible, the AT-AT was a tanker’s dream come true…massive firepower and an all-terrain capability? Sign me up ! (dang those pesky snow-speeders)


Perhaps the best of all of the SW kits available, the Walker is made up of 71 very well molded pieces of grey styrene, with one rubber band to hold the head/neck assembly together.  Surface detail is moderate, with large raised panel lines  all over the place, but all of the separate bits fit together well, and make a convincing package without much effort…making this a great “first timer” or perhaps a good “make-n-take” kit…as well as leaving the door open to nuts like me !!

    Even though this is not a snap-tite kit, it is still obviously geared toward the toy market of modeling…which makes it a wonderful challenge to the detailer…the kit gives you the bones of the beast, now you have to make it into something great!

   The instructions are basic AMT exploded drawings, and the construction is very simplified.  Hatches and doors are all molded shut, but have good definition for those of you with Dremels and razor saws.

   The colour scheme in the film was of all-over white, but they were on a snow planet after all…so what colours the Walker would be on other invasions is up to the modeler…or would the arrogant storm troopers just keep it white because they have no need for camouflage?  Decisions, decisions…


 If you are going to spend some cash on a SW project, you couldn’t do any better than this…potential up the whazoo, a fun build, and a great way to burn up some relaxation time…I can’t recommend this kit highly enough !!  With the advent of the new movie’s release (go darth go) you can expect this one to fly off the shelves…pick yours up today!  I just wish some of the aftermarket companies would make interior/detail sets for these monstrosities…


Watch the film for the tenth or so time…or hit one of the million sites out there…but let your imagination run wild!

 Review kit courtesy of  my wallet

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