Alan Hobbies 1/35 SIG 33 Field Gun






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Ian Sadler




It comes with full instructions and a small decal sheet and two grey sprues, with 150 parts on. Over 50 of the parts are not needed and are left over from the previous kit PZ 11 Bison. These include such spares as jerry cans, a pair of lower main wheels, gun shields and some other parts that I am not familiar with, as I have not bought the Bison kit.

Close examination of the parts reveals some very fine detail and extremely thin parts, care will be needed removing them. There are some very minor sinkholes but nothing that a very small amount of filler will take care of.

The ammunition is in the correct two parts of shell and lower case and they even give two of the special hollow charge shells.

The main road wheels are rubber tyres with wooden spokes, a pity you would have thought they could have included the pressed steel wheel as well instead of the spare parts.

There is no ammunition limber maybe a separate kit in the future.

The only detail I can see that is wrong is the main barrel at the breach end there is a separation area between the breach and the locking ring, this is wrong the ring should be up tight against the outer edge of the breach block. This will mean a new scratchbuilt barrel will be needed.

Some parts are to be frank next to useless, I would replace all the tools like shovel etc with better from the spares box. The jerry cans go straight in the bin but keep the handles and spouts, as they are good.

Apart from these s minor problems I look forward to building this kit. Good reference material is needed to bring the best out of this kit, which sadly I am lacking.

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