ICM 1/35 New Russian Tank Crew: 1979-88








Ian Sadler




This set of 4 resting figures is straight out of the "Beast Film". Even the box art seems to portray this in its setting. There are no decals or weapons nor any equipment with the set, easy to add if required.

The figures are 1 crouching down looking at lower hull section of the tank, 1 standing with cigarette in hand and the other two are squatting and leaning on the ground in a talking mode.

The rendition of the uniforms is first rate and you would normally find such quality on a resin figure. You are given one spare head to the standing figure and choice of caps. The other heads are in 4 parts. The helmet top and ear sections are separate with the facial section as an insert. This works very well as the ear sections are very thin and the finesse of the parts has to be seen.

Several points to note, the rear of the helmet is lacking the cloth tube for the internal wiring for the throat microphones and the pad on the front of the helmet needs to be enlarged, easy to do with Milliput.

Also note that you should not remove the seam line on the kit trousers, as on the original uniforms they are permanent creases sewn in at the factory.

Note the uniforms are the lightweight summer pattern for all the figures.

You can paint them as per box art or any of the various camouflage patterns in use then and now.

Highly recommended to crew all those new Modern Russian kits now becoming available.



Camouflage Uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia 1937-to present day by Dennis Desmond, published in 1998 by Schiffer Military History, ISBN No 0-7643-0462-3

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