Tamiya 1/48 U.S. modern 4x4 utility vehicle” CARGO TYPE” 

KIT #: 32563
PRICE: $35.00 MSRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Drew Pratt
NOTES: New mold kit


A glimpse of Drew, being an older fellow, to me Hummers haven’t always been the end all be all that the younger folks take for granted.  I remember the M151 Mutts, M561 Gamma goats and the M880 CUCV. In the late 70s, as our ground transport vehicles were getting long in the tooth, the decision was made to develop a single standard vehicle.  To digress,  I remember when test vehicles were brought to the Marine Corp base 29 Palms CA.  By the end of the week,  as the story goes, only one was able to move under its own power. When it absolutely needs to be destroyed, call the Marines UHH RAH!. Three companies presented prototypes and after exhaustive tests that included reliability as well as off road mobility and versatility, the winner, which also had to be the lightest, was selected.  AM Generals vehicle ultimately being selected.  Featuring an aluminum body on a steel frame, it is equipped with full time 4WD and a 150 hp V8 diesel engine. Many different variants can be made from this versatile chassis, the cargo type being the most numerous. These vehicles can carry 1100kg of cargo or eight soldiers in an open bed that can be fitted with a canvas cover.  First issued in 1985 they have supported the logistical needs of U.S. forces in all fields of operations.


First I must say, it’s about time more than aircraft came in quarter scale, thank you, Tamiya.  I count 92 parts on four tan sprues and two clear sprues as well as four vinyl tires.  Everything gets its own bag including the single sheet of decals.  Quality, seriously, this is Tamiya baby, no flash, no sink areas, sturdy top opening box and a single sheet fold out instructions that comprise 19 clear and concise assembly steps with paint call outs for Tamiya paints. You have three options- first is the box art, an all sand Gulf War truck, 1991, second is a NATO camouflage Gulf War truck 1991 and third is a NATO camouflage truck stationed in Germany 1999.  Speaking of options, you can have an open bed or add the canvas top which can have the back flap rolled up or closed. The doors can be mounted open, closed or not at all. The hood is molded separately, however, there isn’t an engine. Not that you could find it anyways, on the real truck open the hood and all you see is the radiator!  A nice touch is the seven piece driver figure, good luck with the goggles, not only are they a separate piece, but molded clear to boot!


 This little Hummer is just the ticket for any number of scenes,  How about unloading a Blackhawk on the tarmac or hauling the mail in any number of ways? I see this being a hot number for a while with all the options open for finish and use. This model is representative of an early model HMMWV with “soft” doors and no armor, however,  I feel before long we will see a plethora of aftermarket updates. (Mattracks, please!).


 History courtesy of the instructions and my fuzzy memory


Drew Pratt

April 2010

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