Italeri 1/72 Gothian Cavalry (Late Roman Empire)

KIT #: 6138
PRICE: $11.00 SRP
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Ray Mehlberger


Inside the box are 3 identical light tan rubberized plastic trees of parts.  I am no fan of rubberized plastic. It is very hard to remove seams from and the surface repels paint. The kit advises to wash the parts thoroughly  in detergent and priming them. This may help with the paint adhesion.

Each parts tree has 5 horses, 5 riders, 3 shields and 3 spears. Two of the figures have spears molded into their hands. One figure has a sword molded into his hand. The horses are all molded at full gallop and have base plates under their hoofs. The parts have some KNOBS on them to remove.The back of the box serves as the painting and assembly instructions. The kit is aimed at wargamers and modelers over 11 years of age, but not under 3 due to the possibility of youngsters possibly swallowing the small parts.

I recommend this kit to the wargamers that it is aimed at and general modelers that have interest in figures from Ancient Rome.

Ray Mehlberger

May 2012

I want to thank Model Rectifier Corp. (MRC) for this review sample.

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