E2046 1/6 Fei Yang
KIT #: FG 4758
PRICE: $47.00
DECALS: Some included for outfit and weapon details.
REVIEWER: Dale Rannals
NOTES: Resin with some metal pieces.


There really isn’t much to tell about Fei Yan’s history, as I don’t believe she belongs to any animated series.  She is part of E2046’s Ori project and grouped in their “Elegance” series. I believe she is an in-house design.

This is the small background from E2046:

 A martial art master and at the same time a close friend and bodyguard of Qiao Yin. She possesses the Nine-Section Double Sickle, an exotic weapon soft in skill but bursting in power. Her companion is a clever little hawk which helps gather information and keeps her out of danger from time to time.


I was quite impressed when this package showed up at my doorstep from Hong Kong in less than two weeks from the order date.  My perception of the kit and company only grew from there.  Inside the nicely packaged and padded shipping box were the two kits and bases I ordered.  Each kit was contained in a plastic tub, inside of which was more Styrofoam packing and a box with a nice color label on top.  Inside the box was 23 pieces of beautifully cast light tan resin packaged in about a half dozen sealed bubble-wrap bags.  Also included were some small metal chain and eyelets for the weapon, some decals, two very nice color photos of the completed kit, and simple instructions showing the basic layout of the kit. 

Upon closer inspection the resin pieces were indeed beautifully cast…..no air bubbles or flaws anywhere……and most of the parts already had any mold seams sanded down.  The kit is engineered to hide/cover any assemble seams, so aside from a couple small casting blocks to remove, this kit was ready to go.


First step in this build was deciding on a color scheme.  She is shown at their website and on the included photos in a red, black, and gold outfit, which I do think is very nice.  I however, decided to do things a bit different and go with a blue/black/gold combination.  So first thing was to go off to the spray-booth with some tan acrylic paint I had mixed up and sprayed the skin areas.  This was allowed to dry for a day and then I sprayed the clothing with some Testors dark blue (little bottle).  That was it for the airbrushing sessions for this construct, as the rest of the painting gets done by brush in front of a magnifying glass. 

Next on the agenda was painting the black areas of the ensemble.  Here I used my mix of “VDG” paint I use on all my kits.  Nothing super secret, so I can tell you it is just a mixture of Very Dark Grey I use instead of straight black.  Straight black is just too intense for models, in my opinion; I think going with a very dark grey looks better.  YMMV.

The light blue areas were painted next; again Testors little bottle.  Somewhere around here I painted her hair with Testors Rubber (yep…little bottle) and highlighted it with some lighter brown oil paints and set it aside to dry thoroughly.

The next couple weeks were spent doing the detail painting with a tiny brush, magnifying glass, and gold paint, Testors…..you guessed it…..little bottle.  This went fairly well and was actually a very nice change of pace.  I did this in small sessions of maybe a half hour to an hour at a time.  Any flubs were corrected after everything had dried. 

The odd weapon was then painted, decaled, and assembled.  Here I drilled a small hole in the end of each segment and screwed in the connecting chain bits.  Everything at this point was glued together with the exception of her head, as I still had the most frightful part for me to paint…her eyes.  These can obviously make or break a figure kit, so I took my time working from the photos.  Finally, with a little glue, she was no longer headless and, in fact, complete.


When I ordered this kit I also ordered a base for it….wood, round, and with a nice black and gold pattern on it.  I added a metal rod to the bottom of her foot and then marked and drilled a hole in the base. 

She now stands gracefully ready to kick someone’s butt.


 I am incredibly impressed with this kit and with E2046…..from the flawless resin to the prep work done for you to the quick shipping, first class all around.  If you want a change of pace then I wholeheartedly recommend a look at what they have to offer.

Thanks for reading this far!

Dale Rannals

June 2010

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