E2046 1/6 Shunya’s Demon resin figure

KIT #: FG 4873
PRICE: $55.00 MSRP (includes shipping)
REVIEWER: Dale Rannals
NOTES: Resin figure


This is one of E2046’s ORI Project series of kits.  They have no background in any Manga/Anime series that I know of, but I am definitely no expert and could be mistaken.

From the website: Inspired by the Japan illustration master Shunya Yamshita, the work features a pair of half melancholy and half lustful eyes and realistic wings with details down to the muscle.


Here is another of E2046’s fantastic line of resin figures.  The 14 pieces are packaged in several sealed plastic bags.  These bags are wrapped in bubble wrapped and placed, with foam and more bubble wrap, into a plastic tub.  This tub is placed in a sturdy cardboard box which is then shipped halfway around the world in about 1 ˝ weeks.  The pale colored, very fine resin contained no casting flaws that I could find, nor was anything broken.

Included are several pages of instructions, but this only includes a parts breakdown and some general hints and tips for working with resin (and this comes in several languages).  No decals are included or needed.


Most, if not all, of the mold seams on these kits are already sanded smooth.  The only parts cleanup I had was the removal of several small casting blocks on the tips of the hair pieces, the horns, and the talons.  I assume these were left in place for protection during shipping.  All of these were snipped off and sanded smooth in a few short minutes.

Painting is best done before assembly, for the most part, with these kits. First thing to get painted was every single part with Tamiya fine gray primer in a rattle can.  Paint doesn’t like to stick to the resin very well so a primer gives it something to “bite” into.  I then grabbed some Model Master Skin Tone but decided it was far too pink for our Miss.  I wanted a pale color, but more a grayish hue than a pink one.  So I added drops of gray until I got the color I wanted.  This was then thinned and airbrushed on the parts and allowed to dry thoroughly.  I painted the hair pieces and the wings a very dark gray, and then threw some neutral gray on her horns and talons.

Over the next couple days I worked on her eyes.  The eyes make or break the figure, so I always take my time here and try to get the look right.  I was going for an innocent, mournful look in the eyes to go with the pose, and to contrast with some nasty, deadly looking wings and talons.  I was satisfied after a couple tries and touch ups.

Back to the wings.  I gave each wing a dirty brown oil wash and allowed it to dry.  This did a good job at highlighting the detail here. After this was dry I broke out the oils and painted yellow at the base of each talon, blending it outwards towards each tip.  Some thin lines of bloody red were added around the base of the talons, with some small lines outward to give it some more “mood.”  Final step for the wings was a light brushing of gray pastels to pop out the highlights.

I needed to start painting the clothes now, but even up to this point I wasn’t sure what color.  I knew it had to be something dark and moody, so a settled on a dark green.  I painted up the boots and halted ….  Just didn’t look quite right.  I tried again with Dark Sea Blue and liked the result much better.  It was dark, almost black but still gave enough contrast to the hair and wings to show a difference.  So I finished up the clothes with that.  Some Tamiya clear red dressed up the trim ….. over the dark blue the clear red dried very glossy and gives the look of wet …. blood?  Something else to show that little Miss Innocent, well, isn’t.

After all this was dry, I assembled the parts.  Pretty easy, though I did need to bend a couple of the hair pieces (with hot water) to make things fit a bit better.  There were a couple of loopy hair pieces that I didn't like the look of so I left them off.  I touched up the areas that needed it, and then set her aside while I put my attention on the base.  A big chunk of resin, it has a totem look to it.  I figured it should have a stone or metal look to it.  I went for metal.  Using Metallizer paints, I sprayed the base Stainless steel, the middle magnesium, and the top aluminum to give it a dark to light look.  I sealed this in with a coat of Future, then sprayed some random areas with Tamiya red, green, orange, and yellow.  I was going for slight color splashes to give it multi-hued look, but the green and red dominated it too much.  I ran a thin black oil wash over it to highlight the edges and subdue the colors.  I’m not sure I like the result and may try again with a brass/bronze color.  After all this was dry I attached her to the base and she was complete.


I am pleased with the end result ….. a feminine, elegant form till your eyes notice the horns and nasty wings, hopefully giving people a mild mental shock; a “Whoa….” moment.  Things aren’t always as you first think they are.  Another fantastic kit from E2046.  


E2046 website ( www.e2046.com )

Dale Rannals

October 2011

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