Testors 1/6 Grey Alien
KIT #: 761
REVIEWER: Shawn Payne
NOTES: We are not alone



When it comes to modeling subjects from Area 51 Testors steps up to the challenge.  From the F-19 Stealth to the Roswell UFO they have produced kits of these subjects.   This model is from the stories of Physicist Bob Lazar and his reports of working on UFO technologies at the government’s secret base in the desert called Area 51.  This model is what popular culture has reported what a Roswell Alien is supposed to look like.  A small human like figure with a large head and large almond shaped eyes.



This figure has been released as a single kit or with the Roswell UFO.  The one I bought was the single kit.   The model consisted of 9 parts including the base.   No decals and a very simple one page instruction sheet.  The parts were free of any molding defects and flash.


 The Alien went together without problems of fit and alignments.  I stared with gluing the head together, and then moved on to the body and arms.  I then attached the arms to the body and sanded the seams smoothed.  Before gluing the body halves together I glued in a small machine nuts to the inside of both of his feet in order to attach him to the base.  I left the head and base off the body once the seams where sanded for painting.


 For my version I decided to stray from the instructions on what color to paint the Alien.  I went with a Green skin tone instead of the Grey.  So starting with the head and hands I mixed Testors Gloss Green and Gloss Yellow until I got a light Yellow Green I liked.  I airbrushed the head and hand areas with this mixture.  Then I went back with the airbrush and Gloss Green and painted the shadows around the head and on the hands.  Next I brushed painted with the Gloss Green to paint the veins, lips, dots and finger tip pads.   Then with Gloss Black I brushed painted in the large Almond shaped Eyes.

Once the hands were dry I masked them off and painted the body Testors Model Master Intermediate Blue FS35164.  For the souls of the feet of the jump suit I painted silver to go alone with the stories of flexible metal found at the Roswell crash site.  The base was painted Testors Model Master Military Brown FS30117 and dry brushed Testors Model Master Sand FS33531.

With the painting complete I glued on the head and using two machine screws I attached him to the base. 


This is a very simple and easy model.  Beginners will not have any trouble making a nice Alien Figure and advanced modelers will enjoy applying there painting skills without the long complex build to get to the painting stage.   The Testors Company likes to produce models of off subject ideas and I for one like their effort.  It gives me a chance to play around in the hobby.


 My own imagination. 

Shawn Payne

January 2010

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