Warhammer Red Dragon

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PRICE: $10.00
REVIEWER: Jack Bruno
NOTES: Very easy to build and detail
This was in the Spirit of doing something different and influenced by Vince Bruno from his love of all things DRAGON!!!
So, the first time i go to a SPASAM Meeting in over a year and I get SUCKED into something I did not expect, WARHAMMER.  Way out in the Western Suburbs, Lamont or Lombard, or wherever the Harry Carey's Restaurant is, Sam and I took a ride to a WARHAMMER expo/convention titled, ADAPTACON.  To make a long story short, these people make plastic modelers look normal, real normal. But it was cool, real cool. Sam, bless his cold black heart, out paced me walking in and around the Hotel. There was wall to wall gamers, vendors, freaks n geeks and 45 year old single men still living in Mom's basement.  Alas, in one room, G.I.'s were slugging it out with German Soldiers IN UNIFORM and all too fast to pull out the tape measures to insure the bazooka was in range of the Panther. A HIT!  Then to mark the tank with blackened pulled cotton ball looking as to the panzer being on fire. Really. On to more shouting in the hallway from the Romans playing Ben Hur complete with the fish lap counters. Oh My!   But the vendors,  here my friends lay the reason for my venture into this Fantasy World where too fat girls squeezed into too tight Mermaid outfits and too fat guyzz over flowed to their knee's....with or without the one bushy eyebrow and hairy back.  The vendor area was as interesting as the expo and gaming rooms.  People from California, England and all parts East were there. the one vendor that caught my eye had hundreds of plastic tubs marked, $2....$3....$5.......I perused these bins for an hour finding some really cool figures that I plan on doing sometime in the future. Orks with Battle Flags and various poses that resemble my dead father-in-law.  BUT, there it was in the stand up glass case.......The Dragon. No price. I asked to look at this poorly built thing that was unpainted and glued badly, literally, coming apart at the seams. the guy replied to make him an offer.........I said, 'Buddy, I'd like to have it for free, but I'm interested. He said , "$10' and i couldn't get it out fast enough. I was overjoyed as I had visions of it in my mind already. Sam cackled as he announced to the World that "he sucked me in.'  Well, he did.  After a cool lunch in Harry's, we did one more walk thru when I found a guy selling bases. Not just any Bases, but rounds that had Skulls that were calling me to put the Dragon on it. I bit and for $15 I had all I needed.
I got the boy and his buddies, The Orks, home and called Vince. I perused his book called, "Dragonology" and was inspired by The Red Dragon. Vinnie thought it "was Balls" and in one evening I had taken a tooth pick and putty and filled seams and added texture.  I needed a lot of this and in most cases severed the limb and re glued it and then remounted it adding putty . In no time I felt that I had done all I could and it was time to prime. I used flat black from the Tamiya rattle can.  I let it cure over night and with my Grex i sprayed different shades of red on the body. his under belly and inner hands were sprayed white. Wanting a vinyl type wing, I used Tamiya Gloss Red for the inner wing portion. I was impressed by the amount of detail in the kit. featured were horns, fangs and claws and the before mentioned wings which were enhanced by battle damage.  I then glossed the Demon and after it dried I opted for a oil wash of Dick Van dyke Brown.  This all came out really cool and now set the stage for detailing.  I started the eyes by laying yellow inside and putting a tooth pick dab of green. This was sealed with Tamiya Gloss for the wet look. The inside of his mouth was painted dark yellow for the fangs and teeth a pink tongue and sealed with the same gloss.    His hand claws and toe claws, well every claw on him were painted dark yellow and dry brushed with a lighter shade. More wash was applied to bring it out too.  The next step in this parade was to take a tooth pick and using the paint bottle cap just grabbed a dabbb and without pattern painted a scale on his body. I used yellow, green, blue and orange. A little color went a long way but don't over do it!   Again, a little was and it was done...........or was it........????  A trick I learned from a fellow modeler who is in witness protection  showed me how to add drool with 5 minute epoxy......so i mixed some up and applied to the fangs with a brush and pulled down. The result was a realistic DROOL.  Nasty!!!!
Well, I'm hooked. I'm looking forward to going again and even have checking out eBay for more Dragons.  After some looking around I think this is a WARHAMMER Black Dragon from the Darl Elves.  Okay, but no tattoos!!!!  Happy to report that the first time out it took 2nd at Scottcon, in Warner-Robins, Georgia.
Build something!!!

Jack Bruno

July 2014

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