Verlinden 120mm Top Gun Pilot: Desert Storm




70,000 Italian lire




Maurizio Conti


Kit is resin



 I decided to represent a VF-1 F-14 “Wolfpack” Pilot. VF-1 squadron (radio codename “Wichita”) was born on 14th October 1972 in NAS Miramar – CA.  They received their first Tomcats on 1st July 1973.   They are on board on U.S.S. Enterprise and they are an operative squadron. They were on board on Ranger and Kitty Hawk too, and during the Operation “Desert Storm” they shot down a Mi-17 Helicopter.

(Editor's Note: VF-1 got the only Tomcat kill of Desert Storm/Shield. The squadron has since been disestablished.)



17 resin pieces with a superb detail like Verlinden usually made. 2 heads are included: with or without helmet.


 Easy…it is self constructed..haha! Cut out the resin carries, glue the torso to the arms and the legs with super glue. Wait for gluing head, hands and accessories: better if You paint them first. Before painting wash the  resin with water and soap. 



I started painting the head and the hands apart. The skin is painted and highlighted with Winsor & Newton oils (raw umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, titanium white). The helmet is painted with Gunze insignia white 316 and the red “wolf” is made with a mask. I created the mask starting from a F14 Hasegawa decal using transparent low adhesive masking film and an Excel blade.

Using the airbrush,  I painted the uniform with Gunze 303 and the G-suite with Gunze 309. The pockets are painted with Gunze khaki 81. Shoes are painted with Tamiya semi-gloss black x18. Shadows are made with raw umber oil diluted with  natural turpentine. Apply the wash and when oil is dried, smooth and soft it with a pointy brush and natural turpentine.

Highlights are made with the same base color plus each time more drops of Gunze 308 using drybrush technique. The “Cats” badges on each shoulder, are handmade with a fine pointy brush. Finally, cover all with the Gunze flat clear cote and the helmet lens with the Microscale Micro Satin cote. 


Sometimes during a hard detailing conversion or a model that need long time  to be constructed I take a breath, painting one of  those easy to be assembled kits. They need really little time to be assembled and painted and you will soon see results. For Verlinden’s kits the only problem is their price.!!!  But if you look around, you should be able to find them on sale. 


1) F14 Tomcat foto report – Delta Editrice

2) Lock on n.18 – F14 Tomcat- Verlinden prod.


Happy modeling ,

Maui C. –

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