Tamiya 1/35 Mesozoic Creatures

KIT #: 60107
PRICE: $15.00
DECALS: Are you kidding?
REVIEWER: Amelia Rose Pearce
NOTES: Photos by Daddy (Stan Pearce)

 A Graduation Two-Fer!

  This week I graduated Kindergarten.  Next week I turn 6 years old, so Daddy thought I could graduate up to a “Glue Kit” instead of a “Snap-Tite”

 For graduating Daddy got me some dinosaur models.


  The kit was neat.  It had 6 dinosaurs.  First you read the instructions.  The parts are named things like B-4 or A-5.  First you read the instructions, ~ then you find the part!

  Then you wiggle the part back and forth until it breaks free.  Then Daddy cuts off the little sharp pieces. Lay the pieces next to the picture on the instructions to figure out how they go.  Then stick them together to make sure they fit.  I used little clamps to hold the pieces together and then brushed the glue on the cracks.  The glue smelled and Daddy kept saying “Don’t put the glue near the edge of the table or you will spill it!”

(Daddy’s note:  To my dismay I got home to realize I no longer owned any tube glue. Surprisingly the liquid cement worked out very well. It allowed my Daughter to fit the pieces together and clamp them, before applying the glue to the seams. This avoided the plague of glue smeared fingers and little gluey fingerprints that characterized my modeling youth.  The only drawback is the glass bottle, and the ever present risk of an accidental spill. This problem can be solved by parental attention and perhaps aided by placing the bottle in a large hole drilled in a block of wood to act as a non-spill ‘glue holder’)

I brushed the glue all up and down the cracks, and sometimes blew on them to help it dry. Then I took off the little clamps (which I called “pincheys”) and let the dinosaurs dry.


Painting is very messy, so wear your old clothes.  Daddy mixed the paint colors (artist tube acyrillics from the craft store~Daddy) on a paper plate and I brushed them on.  He kept saying “use the tip” and “push and stroke.”  Several times I informed Daddy it would be easier to use his air brush, but he said no, not this time.

I used the pictures on the box to tell Daddy what colors  I needed.  Daddy painted the bird dinosaur, but he got the colors all wrong.  ‘It doesn’t  look like the one on the box!”

 I used a pinchey to hold the legs while I painted. That way I got very little paint on my hands and clothes.



Building the dinosaurs was fun.  After the paint dried, I talked Daddy into gluing some of his model grass on the bottom of the box.  This makes it look ‘realer.’

He then painted me a pond for the dinosaurs to drink from.

 These dinosaurs are fun to build and even ‘fun-ner’ to play with.



Daddy’s notes~

Basically I paraphrased this review from Amelia’s conversation with her Mother, Grandparents and myself in the day since finishing this model.  She can read and write quite well for her age, and before I know it, she will be typing things like this by herself not needing Dad’s help.

Do yourself a favor.  Build a model with a kid.

 Stan Pearce  Email: DC8BigBrown@aol.com

June 2005

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