AMC 1/48 16-CH Missile








Allan Wanta




   Your guess is as good as mine is with this one folks. I saw this kit in Joe Francescoís stable of resin kits and had to have it. Having done a prior AMC kit, the Lippish Research delta glider, I had some reservations about this purchase. The Lippish glider kit was a rough work to say the least, but I gave it a shot and bought the kit. What a pleasant surprise upon opening the box, this kit is far-and-away a more professional example than their first kit was, both in quality of casting, and in detail.

  This kit represents what I can only surmise is a Soviet attempt at a German V-1 Doodlebug flying bomb. As with most post war projects, most Russian designs had their basis in German technology. Other than a slightly altered fuselage with twin end plates and ĎArgusí engines, this could easily represent a modified V-1.



 The kit is entirely done in tan resin; the exception is the two metal rods needed to construct the dolly on which you will rest the completed model. The dolly has as many parts as the bomb, so donít expect the assembly to last more than a weekend. As we see by the parts photoís, the only task needed in preparation to assembly is remove the small casting blocks from a few of the parts. But all in all, the parts require little clean up and could be suitable for beginners to resin kits.



  I for one am favorably impressed with this kit and canít wait to put it together, so stay tuned for a review of the completed model and see if my praise is warranted. For those interested in trying this kit, contact or Hannants.

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