Huma 1/72 Klemm Kl-25

KIT #: 3004
PRICE: $22 from NKR
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Peter Burstow


The Klemm Kl 25 was a light sport and training aircraft first flown in 1928. Around 600 were built up until the mid 1930's. It was notable for the low power engines that were used, between 20 and 94 h.p. depending on the version, of which there was many.

The British Aircraft Swallow was a licence build version of the Klemm Kl 25 light aircraft. It was also licence built in the United States by Aeromarine.


Coming in a large, top opening box, there are two sprues of 34 parts in light grey plastic, one of the sprues is small and has tiny parts mainly for detailing the cockpit. There are two injection moulded windscreens on a clear sprue. A single crew figure is included.

The parts are finely moulded, with rather heavy engraved panel lines and a fabric effect on the flying surfaces. There is a hint of flash on some of the parts, and a mould joint line is visible. There are some ejector pin marks that will be hidden after construction. Ten of the parts go up to make a very detailed two seat cockpit, including rudder bars, control sticks and what appears to be a Gosport tube. The overall effect is of a main-stream high pressure injected moulded kit, with small sprue attachment points. Some of the parts are tiny. There are alignment pins on the fuselage and cowling halves, and tabs for the wing to fuselage joint.

 The decals have options for two German aircraft, A civil racer in overall silver and a military trainer in overall RLM 02 grey. “Make your own” hakenkruz are supplied as are instrument panel decals.

 The instructions are 4 pages of A4, clearly printed on high quality paper. Two pages of aircraft history and specifications in German, English and French. One colour printed page of profiles and split plan views, specifying RLM paint numbers and one page showing 5 exploded diagram construction steps and a detail drawing of the cockpit showing the placement of part 18.


A small model of a military training and civil sport and touring aircraft. The aircraft was widely used and exported during the 1930's so there is scope for a variety of civil and military schemes.

 Recommended for anybody who can deal with very tiny parts.


Barry Ketley, Fledgling Eagles – Luftwaffe Training Aircraft 1933 – 1945, Classic, Hersham, 2009.

Kit Instructions.

Peter Burstow

February 2013

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