REVELL 1/32  Glider Plane Schleicher ASK-21

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Ref 04224


12.99£ (Hannants) =USD  23.67$


9  options


Jean Paul Poisseroux


50 parts plastic parts (with 2 transparents)


     Dimensions : length full scale 8.35m, in 1/32 : 26.09cm, kit : 25.8cm ; wing span full scale 17m, in 1/32 : 53.12cm, kit : 52.9cm.  


The ASK-21 glider from the manufacturor  Alexander Schleicher is a product of the Rudolf Kaiser designer (from which the initial are ASK), worthy successor of his predecessor; ASK-13 twin seats.  Built at more than 750 ex, the K-21 is a success and one finds it in many flight schools around the world. Tandem two seats, its performances are wide and it perform aerobatics in solo use, certified + 6.5g, - 4G at 180km/h, with 34 chute rate (that mean that from 1000 meter in altitude, the glider under ideal conditions (speed/wind), will land 34 kilometers forward at 90km/h speed. 




Static modelling world seems to diversify, and this first time a  large scale glider is produce. Some others exist in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, mainly ex-east block models. So this is a good surprise on the table. I compared the real model with the kit; this is great!  About assembly, the fuselage halves match perfectly, without defect, the wings completely grip themselves each other via their spars, through the fuselage as the real airplane (so no matters to get the proper diedral), and can be dismantled or unglue for transport (idem for the stabilizer if one inserts a plug). 

A glider is not a complex machine, it is just a tub with the flight instruments and the flight accessories. The “big” work consists to lay out the “office”. Everything is supplied even in the least details, the seats have the harnesses molded (to paint, or impress a decal), and the consoles will be outfitted with airbrakes hand-levers, canopy locks, fresh-air systems, the microphones and even of a pocket for the back seat. For the instruments, all are there, the rudders pedals (to thin a little), the sticks, the dials (those here are not necessarily standard) and the unlocking tractor cable grip. About dimensions,3 small mm in width at the top of the movable rudder are missing, giving him a too triangular form (at least on the real ask-21 seen, as well as on the Swiss model proposed in the box). Behind the second seat, one can close the blank towards the back.

The upper wings bear a light depression due to the casting, as a part of the under wing is molded on. The purists will fill them do get a slick surface. Notice that the canopies are movable and will allow animating the model to show the interior. You could add a flight map, and why not a civil figure  (Preiser of other range product), that will find there very useful.

On decoration side, it’s white and white (no surprise it’s civil!), not less than 9 machines are proposed, from which 3 « military gliders». A USAF (Air Forces Academy), a Belgian Air Force (sold today), and a RAF machine based at Halton. For the civilians, you choose between 1 Swiss machine, 1 French, 3 German, 1Austrian. All these gliders are white with some red areas for some of them, and numbers in different colors.  Aside the big warriors that fill the shelves since decades, this model is a “pure fresh air” pulse for modellers. It’s a goods opportunity for young to put a step in modelling thanks to the price, the low parts (50), the excellent fitting, with a good choice of decorations.  



  In summary this excellent first introduction by Revell in this aviation area will certainly be a success, any doubts, and one wishes that this initiative does not stop itself to a unique model.  The beautiful single-seat also exist, except in the modeling catalog at this medium scale.  Test it, you will not be disappointed by the result, and may be you’ll build a couple!  Recommended.  JPP

 June 2005

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