AMT 1/25 Chrysler 300C

KIT #: 31278
PRICE: $29.99 SRP
DECALS: Yes, mostly plates
REVIEWER: Robert Myers
NOTES: ProShop. No longer in production, but easy to find.


The Chrysler 300-C was available with optional 375 to 390 (gross) horsepower Hemi engines with solid lifters, 10:1 compression, a longer-duration, high-speed camshaft, twin Carter four-barrel carburetors, and a 9.25:1 compression ratio was definitely a high performance car in 1957. It was big but low-slung, with excellent handling, power, comfort, and luxury.


I bought this kit thinking it would be a quick build just above the snap kit level of detail and skill level. I was very wrong! The skill level is listed as a 2 for 10+ years old. This is a fully detailed 1/25 scale kit requiring glue. It is pre-painted and looks like a nice builder straight from the box.

I tried a few sample fits. Everything fits together very well. There is no flash and every part is fully painted. Herein lies the problem. This kit was also issued molded in white with no paint. The paint makes the “peg and hole” joins a little too tight. Since the paint needs to be scraped to get bare plastic to glue to that pretty much solves the problem.

The decals are well printed and in register. You get front & rear license plates, 3 instrument gauges and 2 air cleaner labels. Mine were bent in the box, but I think they can be salvaged.


This is a nice kit. The only problem I can see is that kids probably won’t scrape the glue join areas, thus getting a weak bond for the parts. The pre-painted colors are black and green.


September 2015

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