KIT: Unicraft 1/72 FW--281
KIT #: ?
PRICE: $25.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Alan Wanta
NOTES: Resin with vac canopy


  None really, this aircraft never became reality nor can I find and developmental information on it, from the looks of It, itís another variation of the Flitzer.


  Anyone out there ready to develop those modeling skills beyond the Tamiya or Hasagawa level? Ah, I thought so; you can put your hands down now. Hereís yet another resin kit from the Ukrainian Master Igor Shestakov. Igor has been doing this for a number of years, and with each effort he seems to perfect the art of resin casting and mould making. I remember when the kits came in a very brittle blue resin and little else in the box. With this 1/72nd scale kit of the FW-281 turbo jet/prop fighter aircraft I see a nicely cast kit, well presented. Everything but your imagination is in the box, and perhaps thatís what we all need once in a while, to step out on the wild side. The only thing missing in the kit are transfers, most likely youíll have a fair amount of Luftwaffe markings in your decal bin box to make do. (I have to assume there are parts that are not shown, as it also seems to be missing an interior, canopy, gear doors, prop spinner, main landing gear and wheels. Ed)


  The likely-hood of finishing this kit in the wrong livery is remote, and sometimes thatís just what we all need. Thanks to Unicraft for putting this unique kit together.

March 2005

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