Special Hobby 1/48 Fiat G.55 Series 0

KIT #: 48066
PRICE: $35.00 'used'
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Francisco Santoro
NOTES: Short run. It came with an instruction page missing, it has a film for the instuments panel, photoetch probably done by Eduard and a resin sight.


From the instructions: "In 1942, three Italian companies had test flown their new modern fighter prototypes Aermacchi C.205, Reggiane Re 2005 and Fiat G.55. All three aircraft were powered by the DB 605 engine or its license built version RA 1050 Tifone "Typhoon". Eventually, all three types were accepted by the Regia Aeronautica; however, the Fiat G.55 had been selected as the primary fighter aircraft. The German Luftwaffe showed also some interest in the G.55. The first prototype with serial number MM491 took off on 30th April 1942, followed by other two prototypes. Later on an initial series of 12 pre-production aircraft (serial numbers MM91053 to MM91064) were built and designated Serie 1 Sottoserie 0. Armament of these aircraft consisted of one 20mm Mauser MG 151/20 cannon firing through the tubular propellerīs shaft and four nose-mounted 12,7mm SAFAT machineguns. The final armament setup of subsequent aircraft of both Sottoserie 0 and 1 settled on two wing mounted cannons and two machineguns above the engine. Independently of the armament changes the particular airframes were produced with two different fin types. The first production aircraft were assigned to the Regia Aeronautica and proved successfully, particularly against P-38 Lightnings. After signing the armistice and consequent occupation of Italy, the Centauros were captured for Luftwaffe service, as well as the Fiat factory in Turino, which was seized by the Werhmacht. 


Coming in a top opening box, thereīre a total of 84 parts. Of the 84, 81 are moulded in light grey, three of those arenīt used (two fuselage halves and a cowling) and three clear parts, bringing the grand total of usable parts to 78 light grey parts and three clear parts. The parts have almost no flash, but they do have some over the attachment points. The sprue gates are also raised over the stabilisers.

The kit also comes with a film and photoetch parts for the instrument panel, but the instructions list only the photoetch parts for it. Also included in the photoetch fret are seatbelts and other gauges (very small gauges) and radiator screens.

Something I noticed is that the kit comes with a resin (only resin part) gunsight base, and that you have to scratch build the clear part for it.

My kit was apparently used: it came with everything sealed but had a page of the instructions missing. An email to Special Hobby resulted in a fast answer with a link from where I downloaded the instructions and made a full new manual of the same size.

The kit comes with three decal options:

1) Fiat G.55 Sottoserie 0, MM91059 "12-353", 353rd Squadriglia, 20th Gruppo, 51st Stormo Regia Aeronautica, Ciampino airfield, August 1943. Painted in Dark Olive Green 2 (FS34052), Light Grey Blue 1 (FS36231, probably RLM 76) and White (RLM 21).

2) Fiat G.55 Sottoserie 0 , MM91074 "13", 13th Squadriglia "Montefusco", Aeronautcia Nazionale Republicana, Venaria Reale, March 1944. The aircraft was retaken from the Luftwaffe and had its German markings covered. Painted in Dark Olive Green 2 (FS34052) and Light Grey Blue 1 (FS36231, probably RLM 76).

3) Fiat G.55 Sottoserie 0, MM91064 "11", 1st Squadriglia "Gigi Tre Osei", 2nd Gruppo Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana, Lonate Pazzolo, May 1944. Painted in a three tone splinter pattern of Camouflage Green 1 (FS34258), Camouflage Maroon 1 (FS30118), Camouflage Yellow 3 (FS33434) and Light Grey Blue 1 (FS36231, probably RLM 76).

Hereīs a link of the model built and painted in the third paint scheme.


The kit looks good on the sprues and, aside from the missing instructions page and the scratch-built sight, it should be an easy/moderate build.

Francisco Santoro

April 2017

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