Airfix 1/24 Ju-87B-2 Stuka

KIT #: 18002
PRICE: $30.00 at deep discount
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Mike Kleber
NOTES: All parts are injection molded styrene.


The Junkers Ju-87 Stuka (sturzkampfflugzeug) dive bomber flew with the German Luftwaffe in all campaigns during WW2.  It operated in a variety of roles, primarily as a dive bomber but also as a tank buster in Russia.

The Ju-87 flew with Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War prior to WW2. It was also flown by the Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Slovakian and Bulgarian air forces during WW2. 

 Several excellent detailed histories have been written for this aircraft in the kit review and preview sections at this web site.


This will be a big kit when complete.  The box advertises the wingspan as 57 cm (22) and a length of 46 cm (18).  Wingspan of the actual aircraft is 45ft. (approx 14 m). This scales out very close to 1/24th. 

 The kit includes sliding canopies, removable engine cowling and gun panels.  The rudder is movable. 

 There is a very detailed engine as well as two seated crew members provided.

 Styrene Parts:

 There are 335 light grey injection molded styrene parts.  External surfaces have fine raised rivet detail and recessed panel lines.  There little or no flashing on the parts. 

 Clear Parts:

 There are 7 injection molded clear parts. 6 for the canopy and 1 for the landing light cover.  The canopy frames are raised, which should make for easy masking when painting the frames.

 Rubber Parts:

 The tires and tail wheel are molded rubber.  There is a small seam line of raised material around the tires from the molding process.


Decals are provided for 2 aircraft.  They have a flat (matte) finish.  Carrier film extends beyond the color, so some trimming around the decal will be required when applying.  The crosses are large and will cover a lot of surface area.  Have your favorite decal setting solution at the ready.   There are no swastikas (hakenkreuz) on the decal sheet.


 There is a 15 page instruction booklet with excellent detailed drawings for each of the 92 steps in the build.  The last page of the instructions contains photos of various parts on the real aircraft.


  This looks like a nice kit and the detail appears to be in line with the Airfix Spitfire, Hurricane, Bf-109 and P-51 offerings in the same scale.


   Stuka: (Barker)

Flying Colors:  (Greene/Swanborough)

Mike Kleber

December 2010

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