High Planes 1/72 Bf-110G-4






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Alessio Manca


Short run with resin and metal bits.


The bf 110 g4 night fighter was one of the last version of this beautiful twin engined  fighter.

It was full equipped with radar, and was one of the last resource for  the Third Reich to stop Allied raids in the night.

From many people ,the Bf 110G-4 is considered the most reliable German night fighter, with this plane  a lot of pilots where able to shoot down a high number of Allied bombers.



It was the first time that I bought  an HighPlanes kit, so I was not sure about the quality of this model…

Anyway when I opened  the box, I was really impressed  by the good detail present in this model….

Naturally we are speaking about a short run kit, but  the general detail seems to be  very good.

Panel lines are finely engraved, maybe some ones are not  deep enough so you will need to engrave them but this should be not a problem,  in fact, the important thing is that  the dimensions are correct, and that all panel lines are on the right place….and it seems to be so.

About the cockpit there is some raised detail, but it seems to be not so nice, anyway I think that there should be no problems to find  a good aftermarket detail set.

The canopy (not shown) is the correct shape, and vacuform made with all frames in the right places….but there is only one in the box.

The engine exhaust are  made in resin….they seems to be very  well made.

There are also a lot of metal parts…….like the radar ,gear ,rear machine gun and other little details…but if you don’t like to use  metal parts, you can also use some parts of the  bf 110 made by Italeri .

About the decals, they are only for one plane, there are a lot of aftermarket decals that you can use for this plane….for example the Cutting Edge  one’s seems to be  perfect.

About the instruction, well there is only one sheet ..but it should be not a problem ….we know how a bf 110 is made so instructions are not so necessary…..we  will have to use a little bit of imagination…..   



If you want to make a  good representation of this model, the only choice will be the HighPlanes one…..there's the Italeri kit that makes the same planes ,but with a lot of mistakes like the wrong shape of the canopy and a lot of other problems….maybe you will need   a little bit of extra work…but at the  end you will have a very nice model of this wonderful plane.

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