ProModeler 1/72  Bf-109G-10

Kit Number: 5940

Price: $12.50

Decals: Two versions, 7/JG 52, Hungary, January, 1945 and 14/JG 5,

Norway, Early 1945.

Review and Photos by: Clarence E. Wentzel

I was excited when I saw the first samples of the Monogram Revell ProModeler Bf-109 G-10 kit. The kit correctly captures the shape of the refined cowl that was needed to enclose the DB 605D engine of late model 109s. The model also features a deeper oil cooler under the nose. To use the conventions in the book "The Last of the Eagles" by John R. Beaman Jr. The model represents a Bf-109 G-10/B because it features a short tail wheel. However, with a few changes to the tail wheel, oil coolers, wing bulges and some rescribing, the model can be converted into G-6AS, G-10/A, G-14AS and K-4 variants. Now we can start building some of those late war Messerschmitts with those neat color schemes.

The model went together well. No major fit problems were encountered and the model measures and looks right. Surface detail features finely engraved panel lines. The cockpit has a certain amount of detail molded into the floor and side walls so I decided not to add one of the aftermarket cockpit interiors. (I’m getting lazy in my old age.) One of the strong points of the ProModeler series is that they have excellent assembly instructions with lots of good photos of real aircraft from the Detail and Scale folks. I used those photos plus some color photos of the 109 from a Finnish Air Force web site to add some additional detail to the cockpit. I chose to paint my model in the colors of 14/JG 5. The decals of the kit were out of register so I decided to use the same markings from the AeroMaster sheet 72-002 -Reich Defense Bf-109G/K.

I had three questions regarding the colors suggested by the kit directions; the color of the rudder, the color of the landing gear and wheels and the overall color scheme. The kit indicated that the rudder be painted yellow. The AeroMaster sheet showed the bottom of  the rudder yellow and the top camouflaged while Monogram Close-up Number 7 showed the rudder in RLM Gray 75. Based on photos of the actual plane, I chose to paint the rudder gray. The kit indicated that the landing gear struts and wheels were painted Red 23 to indicate that the plane required high octane fuel. I had never heard of this but tried to check it out. In my old Karl Ries books, there are some color photos of late war 109s and sure enough, two of them had red struts and wheels.  Finally, the kit called for the model to be painted in the 74/75/76 scheme while Aeromaster and the Monogram Close-up called for the later war 75/82/76 scheme. I chose the late war scheme.

This kit was reviewed by the magazine Military Model Preview who were pretty harsh on the kit. One of the things that they complained about was the supercharger air intake. The kit molds the part solid, not with the hole in the front. After lots of intense thought, I solved this problem by drilling the opening out! A really tough modification - not!! They were also hard on the kit because the holes for mounting the upper wing wheel fairings showed through into the wheel well. Again, I solved this with a little bit of spackling compound.

I was very pleased with the final result. A big thanks to ProModeler for providing this very good and economical kit of this elusive late model Bf-109.

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