Airmodel 1/72 Bv-155C








Allan Wanta


Basic Vacuform


Description: At best what can be described as chaos compounded by the sense of duty to ones' company and Ideals despite overwhelming odds. That's what was going on at the Blohm and Voss facilities in the closing months of the war. Despite the knowledge that the end was near, work and duty was the driving force in many of the BV employee's lives. The BV-155C was taking shape in the form of a wooden mock-up against the back wall. A plywood wing supported by a workhorse protruding from the right side fuselage. Not much time or resources could be expended on the new plane as all efforts were being put into getting the BV-155B airworthy and ironing out the bugs. There is only one surviving photo  of the C version mock-up.


Or better yet, 'How to spend ones' week and make something out of nothing' kit. The BV-155B Airmodel vacuform has been around for awhile, and seeing that it cost very little compared to the Resin Czech kit I decided to see if I could make a C version out of it. The excellent Monogram booklet on the BV-155 was my inspiration. Taking the 3 side view drawings, I managed to rework the fuselage with Bondo and stringers in the profile of the drawings. All a matter of whittling away the excess until the correct shapes appeared, Aluminum soda cans supplied the landing gear doors, since it was likely the undersides were never to have been painted. Gear came from some donor kits, wheels are Ju-87 True Detail and the prop is from, well I don't quite remember where that came from.


 All internal cockpit detail is scratch built, and too much time was spent on it, as you really have to look close to see anything. Paint came from the Xtra-color line and decals from my supply bin.

All in all, I had a ball with this. Next will be to convert the 1/48th scale ARBA BV-155B kit waiting in the wings. At some point in ones' career, doing a conversion will naturally be the next step of evolution. Start on something small, something interesting, something I wish would have already made a limited edition kit of! Fun factor here, 9 out of 10.

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