Moonstone Models 1/72 Me-328 Ramjet








William Moore




In 1942 the Me P328 was designed and the pulsejet versions built though a ramjet couldn't have been as bad for vibrations  . Nothing ever came of the project though.


This consists of  two wings with ramjets on the end reminiscent of the Russian BI-1 with a sheet  A4 double sided instructions and possible future kits  in a small ziplock bag backed by a solid piece of cardboard .

Of the three kits I received for review from Moonstone Models this is by far the sexiest . Whilst the other two could be duplicated with a little effort by the average modeller this is a much harder project . The parts are designed for the Huma kit and simply replace the kit wings . As mentioned in the instructions the "A" version should be used from the two supplied by Huma.

The parts will require a bit of preparation . The surface is slightly rough and the one or two air bubbles will require filling. One wing had a slight bite out of it and a little Milliput will be required here as it feathers the best of the fillers available currently. The small mould lines on the ramjets will require sanding and the mould is slightly out of alignment for the panel lines here on one wing . Lest you think this kit is bad these are problems that happen in many resin kits and are easily fixed unless you've only ever done Tamegawa boxshakers .

Funnily enough the two wings are moulded in different colours , one being a light grey and the other a whitish cream colour. Both come on moulding lugs but these may prove useful in construction . I would compare them to the kit parts and trim appropriately before fitting and that's it in terms of construction.

Moonstone Models are a cottage industry firm new to the market . Unusually they have chosen to use Polyester resin not the normal Polyurethane which is more harmful . The instructions are simply words but given the conversions simplicity no diagrams are needed . The completed kit was done by the manufacturer . I expect construction to be a doddle .


This is a good kit . Once I finish a few kits pending this is top of my pile as I already have a completed Me 328 which I botched the decal job on  years ago before I discovered Future . This kit is ripe for renovation. . For any average modeller this will look great and with just a little effort will turn into a real conversation piece . Totally recommended , I'm really glad that Moonstone chose this conversion and I look forward to their full kits in the future .

Review copy courtesy of Moonstone Models.

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