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Two aircraft


Bill Michaels


Looks like a decent kit for the price


Germany produced a number of variants of the Ju-88 during WW2.   In addition to a medium day bomber, the plane was produced in night fighter, reconnaissance, and finally as a Mistel. The A models were the mainstay of German medium bombing during the war, and the A-4 was one of the most produced models.   There is a lot of information available on this famous bomber, which does a much better job of describing the aircraft than I can here…..


The kit includes parts to build two versions of the Ju-88:  the A-4 bomber, and the D-1 Long-range reconnaissance aircraft.   Two large bombs are included for the A-4 version.

The kit consists of 77 parts, molded in a medium green.   Panel lines and rivets are raised, but finely molded.  (No golf-ball sized rivets here!)  My model had very clean moldings— no signs of alignment problems, and no flash.  Trailing edges seem to be pretty fine, too.  The stabs are translucent near the edges, due to the thinness of the molding.

The kit includes 3 aircrew figures, and can be built with the gear down or up.   Personally, I like having the option to build my models “in flight”.  The clear parts are kinda thick, but clear, and look like they should pose no unusual problems.

The instructions are the typical pictorial style, with warnings and color definitions in about 12 different languages.   There is a nice three view for both versions of the plane, showing colors and decal placement.   There is no aircraft history in the instructions.  The only history provided is a single, short paragraph on the side of the box.  In fact the only place in the entire package that explains what the A-4 and D-1 versions are is on the side of the box. 

The decal sheet carries a Revell Germany logo.  The decals look nice and thin, and my copy were printed in register.  (If these decals are as nice as the ones that came in other recent R-G releases, then they will be fine, indeed.)


I bought this kit to add to my collection of in-flight 1/72 models hanging from the office ceiling.  This kit met my needs exactly-  inexpensive, reasonably detailed, has aircrew, can be built wheels-up, and has good decals.  A winner in my book.

Super-detailers will want to upgrade the cockpit area, and go with a vac-form canopy to show it off.

Editor's note: this kit is 30 years old if it is a day. While it isn't exactly the best 1/72 Ju-88 around, it will build into a nice model with a bit of work. Those wanting a better kit will be heading to the more expensive Italeri version.

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