Revell of Germany 1/72 Go-229




CDN $15.95


Two aircraft


Olivier Lacombe




 I suggest to you read Michael Wolfe’s History section, he’s got more sources than I do on this one!


I like Revell AG’s kits, so when I saw this Luft ’46 kinda machine at my local shop, I jumped on it.  Inside the blue box you get one plastic bag containing three olive drab sprues and one transparent one for the clear parts for a total of 70 parts. 

 A close inspection if the plastic reveals none of the sink marks that plagues Revell’s Arado E.555.  The recessed lines are fine, with raised ones only on the front wheel tire.  The clear parts are distorted a bit, but since you can leave the canopy open, it’s much of an issue.  The aircraft can be build with the wings on or off, just like when the US Army captured one in 1945 (it now resides in the NASM).  The cockpit and landing gear are well detailed for this scale, but the instrument panel is provided as a decal, which at first look seems bigger than the panel itself.

 The only real option is to have the gears up or down, since you get one anonymous and fictitous squadron aircraft and another dark grey and RLM 76 one.  No swastikas are included, but I have never seen one depicted with these crosses.  The decals appear to be in register and are very matte, but not as much as those in the Arado E.555 kit.


Well, that sure looks like another fun kit from our German friends.  Apart from the delicate looking landing gear assembly, the kit seems to be straightforward.  It’ll make a nice addition to anyone’s Luft ’46 collection.   

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!    

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