Revell of Germany  1/72 Ta-152H




$6.95 CDN


Two aircraft


Olivier Lacombe


Probably an ex-Frog Mold


I will not go on and on about this aircraft, since you can find a great deal of info right here on M2 and elsewhere on the net.  Iíll juts say that the Ta 152 was the ultimate piston-engined fighter to be fielded by the Germans during World War 2.   But, like so many machines and projects, it was too little to late (fortunately for the Allies!)


I seriously doubt that this is a recent Revell mold, because it lacks the level of detail common to the earlier Fw 190 found within its catalogue and it sports raised panel lines.  Nevertheless, on opening the little blue box, you are greeted by 4 sprues of green plastic holding 39 well molded parts, with just one easily fixed sinkhole on the right fuselage halve. 

 The wheel wells are devoid of any details, like the cockpit and the annular radiator, so the superdetailers will have a ball here.  You donít have any options apart from building the plane with the gears up.

 Decals are provided for two aircraft of the same squadron, albeit at two different airports in 1945.  The first one, the box art too, is for a JG 301(Gelb 4) machine based at Straubing and the other one is operating from Leck (Rot 3).  No swastikas are provided, but Revell gives you a lot of stencils.  The sheet is printed in Italy, and these usually silver, so a good clear coat will come in handy.


 This is a good kit of you want a no-hassle build.  Itís simple, inexpensive and is easily found (at least where I live!) (Editor's note: it is also an excellent source for the wider Ta style tail if you want to use it on a late production Fw-190D-9. This kit is definitely the old Frog kit that Revell AG has been reboxing since the late 1970s.)

  Review kit courtesy of my wallet!

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