Starfix 1/48? P-51D Mustang

KIT #: 709/05
PRICE: $3.75
DECALS: One Option


You probably know more about both the Mustang and Starfix than I do.  I'm submitting this, with the Boss' benevolence, because nobody else has.

The kit is fairly soft silver plastic numbering 26 parts, and a clear canopy. They were sharp, very little clean up was needed, and what was was easy, given the workability of the plastic. A single sheet with four language type history and specs. on one side and   three instruction drawings on the other.  There is a decal sheet for one aircraft, also, but I think these got past final inspection, as they read NA*Y on the right side and Y*NA on the left. 

The interior consists of rear radio deck, seat and pilot.  The radio deck is rather well detailed, considering that there are no floor or instrument panel at all.
  This was in a package deal, so I built it more for practice than correctness.  I bashed a photo etched instrument panel from the spares, and fit the rest of the interior inside.  My extensive notes say no spin prop.  I don't recall if It wasn't designed to, or just didn't work out that way.  At any rate, it is glued solid.
  The wings, which are the usual upper/ lower halves had tabs too thick to fit the fuselage notches.  I expanded the notches, rather than thin the tabs.
  The belly has a notch, that looks to be for stand display, but no stand is included, nor do the instructions have a wheels up option.  I decided to build wheels up anyway.  The landing gear doors filled their corresponding spaces pretty well.  The gaps are a bit wide, but as they represent  moving parts  I didn't fill the gaps.  The tails went on trouble free.
  The canopy is thick, but clear.  My big SNAFU here.  When building a flying machine, put a pilot in there. Always good to both plan, and think. Must be a drone.

The box art and decals are for a natural metal bird. I wanted to try something a bit more eye catching.  I have a reference to a   P-51, put right by the Germans, and flown by 2 Staffel Versuchsverband Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe as combat simulation for their pilots.  This is natural metal, for which I used Tamiya XF-16 flat aluminum, over yellow, XF-3 flat yellow.  The interior was hobby kit green, and the anti glare panel, olive drab.
  The swastikas are from an Esci sheet, and the crosses from a Sword FW190 kit.

This kit is what it is, which is basic.  Its a good way to while away an afternoon, or could, I suppose, support a hundred dollars worth of aftermarket.

 "Strangers in a Strange Land" Squadron/Signal # 6047

Joe Bairn

July 2010

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