Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D Mustang


JT 155




2 options - Aeromaster decals


Olivier Lacombe


"Checkertail Clan" boxing


 P-51, Cadillac of the skies : that’s more or less what Jim yelled from a roof in Empire of the Sun.  He was right, since the Mustang was the definitive piston-engined fighter the Americans fielded during WWII.  It flew in just about every theatre of operation, from Europe to Japan, not forgetting the Mediterranean.  For more detailed infos on this great fighter, I suggest that you browse the various reviews here on Modeling Madness.


 Upon opening the box, you are greeted with the standard Hasegawa quality consisting this time of 4 light grey styrene sprues bagged together and one clear sprue bagged separately.   

The grey plastic parts contain the airframe and a full weapon’s set, comprising the big 108 gallons paper tanks, 75 gallons drop tanks, 10 HVAR rockets, 2 bazookas and 500lbs bombs.  You also get the cuffed Hamilton-Standard propeller as well as the Aeroproducts unit and the propeller blades are separate, but they are keyed for your convenience.  The interior is comprehensive, with detailed side consoles and instrument panel and the wheel wells are very nicely detailed.  You will have to drill all the various holes for the payload, but the instructions are very clear about what goes where.  The clear parts contain the standard canopy and the Dallas hood. 

 The details are marred by a few ejector pin marks, but there are not sink holes on the surface.  Of course, the panel lines are all recessed.  The instructions are the typical Hasegawa ones, with 11 steps, showing off the construction with the help of exploded drawings.

 In this box, the usually lame Hasegawa decals are replaced by an Aeromaster sheet for two of the Checkertail Clan’s Mustangs : Double Nuttin’ and “Dusty Butt”.  You have enough markings to do only one of the two P-51s, with the checkers being provided as decals (imagine masking those, yikes!). 


This kit looks like a winner to me.  The good quality of the kit, the excellent decal sheet and the good look of the Mustang will turn it into a fine model.

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