Airfix 1/72 Hurricane/Sea Hurricane IIc

KIT #: A02096
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Fabio Hirai
NOTES: New Tool Kit


 Designed by Sydney Camm to the Air Ministry Spec F36/34 the Hurricane was a monoplane fighter powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin (the name of an European falcon) that earned its place in aviation history by its role in the Battle of Britain.

The version on this kit is a Mk IIc , that came in production in 1941 and was powered by a Merlin XX engine and had a main armament of 4 X 20mm cannons. Some airframes had an arrester hook added and served Aboard Fleet Air Arm carriers.


This is one of the new moulds from Airfix and it does share some common traits with the spits that preceded it. You get a basic interior with a seta, control stick, instrument panel and a pilot. The panel lines are recessed, although a bit too deep.

Details on the fuselage looks very good for the scale and the wheel wells have some basic details too. The clear parts look a bit thick, but good enough.  The only area that looks a little complicated is the arrester hook for the Sea Hurricane , because the instructions shows a fairly big area of the bottom of the fuselage that needs to be cut away.

Decals are for (No. 34 squadron SEAC; No.835 Naval Air Squadron and No. 43 squadron RAF Tangmere Wing)


 Kit instructions

Hurricane in action (squadron signal publications).

Fabio Hirai

May 2011

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